I’ve been toying with this idea for some time.  Mostly because I feel like I need another potential income in order to be able to have more flexibility in my life.  Veterinary medicine has become a beast in that I do love what I do and I often love my clients and patients, but I have come to realize that they expect too much.  And employers expect too much.  I don’t want to be a work-horse for the majority of my adult life, I want to travel and explore and enjoy life with our daughter.  Honestly vet med is not going to allow that and will even do its best to completely impede it.

Enter self-hosting.  It’s kind of a crazy endeavor.  I feel like it can be lucrative simply because I do have a great deal of ideas pertaining to vet med, to being a professional and a Mommy, and about being a pet owner.  But it is a little daunting to even know where to begin.  I’m currently muddling my way through Bluehost and am hoping that I’ll figure it out with a small amount of scars.  I guess we will see and I will keep you updated!

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