Our TTC adventure timeline

I have learned a great deal as I perused through other TTC journeys.  Not only about different treatment protocols but also about hiccups couples come across when communicating with their REs.  Although my own is so much more simple at this point, I do hope that it might provide a little information about myself and our adventure to (hopefully!!) parenthood.


Met the Hubs!  Still in high school with him being all the older man.  Began Ortho Tri-Cyclen.  Ironically, given hindsight and all, I would have saved the time and money on birth control and maybe went to the Bahamas.


Third year of undergrad…and marriage!!  Finished undergraduate degree (B.S. in Biology, minor in Biochemistry) in 2006, moved to SD, and opted to change birth control to NuvaRing.  Again think of the money we could have saved!!

Hubs received orders to Korea at the end of 2006.  Follow-on was to FL.


Made the big decision to quit the repro. meds and just see what happens.  Apparently nothing in our case, but we kept at it for just over 12 months.


Hubs first semen analysis (SA): quantity on the lower end of normal.  Morphology and motility within normal limits.  Second SA ordered.  Similar results.

Transvaginal ultrasound within normal limits (wnl).

Around May, I nailed the acceptance into a veterinary medicine program and the Hubs received orders to a new base.


During this period we actually encountered a great deal of difficulty continuing with diagnostics and treatments.  The initial reason was simply dealing with the hassle of military insurance (TriCare) as well as the rather rural location of our new base.  The Hubs has a couple more SA, which lead his urologist into giving an Rx for Clomid 50mg (1 PO q 24 hours x 3 months).  Unfortunately the following SA order was never received by TriCare and subsequently we have no idea whether this increased his numbers.

I was able to submit a progesterone assay which was wnl.

At this time, our primary care managers (PCM) on base FINALLY gave us a referral for an RE.  Which just lead to another roadblock.  The nearest RE is about 2 hours away.  We called for an appointment in July 2013…the soonest slot was open in January 2014.  Oh and the Hubs might be sent on a deployment in November 2013.  False.  So we explored other options about 3.5 hours away.  Fortunately we were able to get an appointment in the beginning of October at which time a diagnostic laparoscopy for yours truly was ordered.

October 2013

First the deployment was a no go.  Second the diagnostic laparoscopy was wnl.  Yay!!  Wait, what?  Doc RE was super shocked that at least some degree of endometriosis was not detected.  The girly parts were actually pretty perfect.  Even got a pic of a corpus luteum.  And so we have a diagnosis: unexplained infertility with the potential for some male factor infertility.  Neat.

November- December 2013

Rx of Clomid 50 mg (also 1 PO q 24 hours x 5 days) with timed BD, both months BFN.  Because of the amount of time we have been struggling, Doc RE has given us an option to attempt an IUI if these cycles were a bust.

December 30th, 2013

IUI #1 following positive LH surge with OPK.  BFN.  Met with new RE the 16th…she is perfect for us!  But because of our history, we were presented with a mini-stim plan for IUI#2.

January – March 2014

IUI #2 and 3 both BFN

April 2014

IUI #4…BFP on CD11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Beta #1: 284.  Beta #2: 1391, Beta #3: 18318, and anxiously awaiting u/s on the 28th =)


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