Our love story is my favorite love story

It was the fall of my senior year of high school.  2001.  Suave in a leather jacket, ordering a yogurt parfait, and stealing my heart.  Fast forward through a kaleidoscope of memories to 2005.  I was 3 years into my undergraduate degree and he was states away just finishing his first year as an Airman, but nothing stands in the path of young love.  And so comes marriage…

ImageFrom the moment we tied the knot, our marriage has been a whirlwind of excitement.  The Air Force afforded us the opportunity to visit and live in new places throughout the United States, where we have made some of the best of friends, only adding to our extended family.  The Hubs career also allowed for me to achieve my own career dream…doctor of all furry (and not so furry) creatures, great and small.

Life is good…well, except for the baby carriage.

We have officially been trying to conceive for 5 years and 6 months.  Throughout my doctorate program, as well as during 2 duty station changes, 2 deployments, and miles of travel.  At the beginning, when we just thought we would be typical.  After all, all of my 4 siblings have either birthed or fathered children, his siblings have kids, and our parents clearly didn’t have troubles either.  Not to mention that every single  one of our relatives were fertile myrtles as well.  Well, I guess we break the mold.

And now that I no longer have the blessed distraction of schooling, and we are persistently and annoyingly surrounded by friends, co-workers, and families who seemingly never have troubles in the birthing suite department, our stress has escalated exponentially.  And so has subsequent treatments and procedures…especially given the fickle nature of the Air Force when it tends to move around families in an imaginary game of world chess.  Oh, and the whole age thing… we have now entered our 30s.

So meet us:

We love Harley motorcycles and are constantly looking for new adventures.

I have a passion for running, but work tends to dementor suck out my soul.  The Hubs just entertains me in this department.

Each base always ends up being a blessing, even though some are more difficult than others.

I cannot stand it when our decision to not be so traditional is judged or questioned.  I also loathe it when others assume we judge them.

I love to get a rise out of the Hubs after 11ish years.  I hate that I have to continually get more creative.

Oh, and before I forget the funniest aspect of our lives… We do have our fur-babies: 2 pibbles, a boxer mix, and 2 kitty meow meows.  Definitely have expanded past the title of crazy cat couple.



Welcome to our crazy and wild journey!!

Lilypie - (ggC2)


8 thoughts on “Our love story is my favorite love story”

  1. I am so glad you stumbled onto my blog! I love your doggies! I was a vet tech for a while and loved it- but my allergies to cats took over. I wish you luck in your journey; I will be following!

    1. Thanks Teresa!! They are pretty amazing and really bad all of the time 😉 As for cats, well, they have a lot of naughty tricks which include allergies. And there is not a doubt that I will be cheering for you too! I love the ornament swap idea…such a great way to make these relationships that much more tangible! Merry, MERRY Christmas and Happy Holidays and I am so happy to be able to share in your amazing story!!!!!

  2. So happy to have found you through your kind comment on my blog. What a sweet, sweet story you and your hubs have. (especially happy to know we aren’t the only crazy cat couple!!) What sweet, sweet faces they all have. Looking forward to following along. Best of luck with your Clomid cycle. I hate that you’ve been on this journey for far too long. xoxo

  3. I stumbled across your blog today and am happy to have found it! Good luck on your clomid cycle. We were lucky enough to have it (50mg) work the first time we tried it but it ended in miscarriage so we’ll try again.

  4. I got bored and wanted to see if there were any more news regarding your IUI and stumbled upon your story. You two are so cute and I’m wondering if you occasionally get to sit on that couch, too…lol…thinking of you and hoping to hear good news from you soon 😉

    1. Ahh, thanks, gorgeous lady!! I love what we have, what you have too, just can’t wait to show a little one our joy in life too. I am a tad stressed that this cycle isn’t gonna work out, but we all stress about that huh? Your cycle is gonna be brilliant and perfect this time!!

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