Out longer

S is 10 months, 5 days. Officially she’s been an active (extremely active) member of society longer than she’s been inside of me.

My stars does that make me sad. Achy and weepy sad.

So very many things have changed this month. She can stand briefly, pulls up, is starting to climb, crawls in super speeds, murder balls with her walker and dinosaur rider. She dances now, especially when eating, has figured out how to open and play with certain toys.

The girl is also incredibly inquisitive and mischievous. She gets into stuff, like toilet paper, and then is super guilty startled when you catch her. She’s into my pump bag, the dog toys, the Hubs work out bag, and everything else. She’s figured out cupboards and likes to crawl directly into them.

S is crazy chatty too. Hums and talks, squeals and shouts. Lots of ba-ma-ni-da-la and all combinations of those syllables. She waves and points and claps, which is all used to accent her constant chatter.


Sleeping has changed a great deal as well. Now she really does NOT want you to hold or rock her. Nurse her for a bit, then put her to bed because she wants to fall asleep herself. She does prefer her paci and I’m not certain if I should be stressed about it. However she does self soothe with it and if it falls out, she’s okay with that too. Her naps are still not the best and she often goes with less than 1 hour naps at daycare and maybe one good hour nap at home. S sleeps on her stomach, side, back, upside down, and it a maniac with movement when she sleeps. It’s insane. We recently purchased a video monitor and so can watch her acrobatics. I’m beyond seriously impressed.


And so, now that she has been an independent longer than she lived life with me, S has become such a little person. She’s so much less a baby and becoming more of a toddler every day.

It’s so amazing but damn does it make my heart kind of achy too.








7 thoughts on “Out longer”

  1. She is so stinking adorable! This age is so much fun, even if they’re getting into everything!

    I had to laugh about the 3 boxes of gogurt in your fridge. Mackenzie loves that stuff. She eats one a day at dinner every night.

    1. Thanks lady, and seriously Mackenzie is the cutest too! I love her 9 month photos! So funny thing about the gogurt…I totally had my wisdom teeth extracted and that was like the only thing I could basically baby bird ingest. The worst experience ever :(.

  2. This post put such a big smile on my face. She has the best smile ever…and is just the cutest little thing. I can’t believe she’s been on this earth longer than she was in your belly now, that kind of makes me sad too. She’s such a happy baby, and I know how happy she makes you guys!!

    1. She’s a great baby… Crazy big personality too. She’s going to sure be a wild child as a 2 yo and teenager! And I’m super sad too. It seems so long ago and just like yesterday that she was still a womb baby :(. And everything is so different this year! You look amazing and so happy and I’m beyond stoked for the love you’ve found. Best year to date!

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