Pine cones

Little lady is now sailing past 9 months…or speed crawling, but who’s taking notes? I cannot even fathom how time has seemed to slip from my fingers. That, 1 year ago, we were preparing to leave, living in a camper, with me being crazy knocked up. The stress of leaving some of the best people we know only barely masked by the excitement of being so close to the homes we grew up in. Realizing that my new job would require me to work overnights even up to when I would go on unpaid maternity leave. Enjoying the beauty of the PNW but missing our family in NM.

These feelings were intense. They still are intense. I remember being so utterly exhausted, and so incredibly slammed on overnights. How I would barely be able to drag myself to an exam room’s padded bench so I could catch some shut-eye. I was both excited to work in a hospital that was so much more capable to manage complicated cases and overwhelmed by the intricate nature of a 24 hour hospital. How in the hell was I to keep up? I felt swamped by the sheer mental strain of trying to remember how to treat a crazy DKA or Cushinoid/diabetic.

You know, it’s awful funny how married our sense of smell is to memory. More crystal clear than a picture or a song. All of the sudden, you are jolted back to a moment. Feeling all of the feels. For us as a couple and me as a professional and soon-to-be Mommy of a take home baby, this was a crazy time. One of many changes and many more transitions. And what brings it all to a crashing head is the sweet scent of cinnamon pine cones.

I was walking out of Albertsons, eyeing some pumpkins, and reveling in the new autumn air. I took a deep breath and in rushed the culprit. Bags of pine cones, rich with warm cinnamon tones. Immediately I was taken aback. Remembering how blessedly pregnant I was, shuffling across the parking lot, and being both ridiculously pleased with life and also insanely stressed. Remembering the Hubs playing with our girl at home and telling me that feeling her kicks was the best thing ever. Finishing her nursery and frantically cleaning the house after I finally went on maternity leave. Missing our NM family and feeling guilty that I wasn’t beyond stoked to be close to family.

So much has happened since last fall. I almost feel like it’s impossible to reconcile the differences. And I guess that I won’t try. Life does what life does and she’s been a rather wonderful soul of late.

She’s given us this miracle…crawling, standing, mess of a busy bee. Into all of the things, trying to stand all by herself, and tasting all the world has to offer. Literally. She has a insane curiosity and tried to crawl into any and every sing thing that opens. Be it fridge or dishwasher. She has a killer grin that she is absolutely not shy about. Our Scarlett is a fascinating and incredible being. Our Scarlett is a whirling dervish. She has the entire world to explore.

As she has grown, she continues to have a strong, STRONG opinion. If she doesn’t want to, you better pack a lunch. And dinner. For the next week, cause she is NOT going to. This goes for naps, eating, wiping her nose, and other random things.

She finally popped a couple of teeth. But the birthing of those pearly whites were heinous! She was a real bear. Would not sleep, screamed any time you put her to bed. I was convinced we were all gonna die. I ended up trying some Tylenol, which was a life saver. I did consider teething tablets but was turned off of them because they are not fda regulated and happen to have belladonna in them. I know the likelihood of them being unsafe is minimal to none but it freaks me out that they aren’t regulated. We also have begun using those damn amber necklaces too. My feeling is they will be mostly just to make me feel better, but at least it’s cute. The best part of her new grill is the hilarious smile she has developed. I’ve been trying to catch it on film this entire week.

So, at 9 months, 16.31 lbs, our daughter is a hummingbird with insatiable curiosity and an intense life force. Just wish she would slow down a bit!





9 thoughts on “Pine cones”

  1. adorable!! totally agreed on the teething tablets – and a few years back they were recalled precisely because there was more belladonna in them than there was supposed to be! would be cautious with the necklaces too – definitely no evidence for them, and can be strangulation/choking hazard.

    1. Im glad im not the only one whose hesitant on certain treatments! Im certainly as cautious about the necklace. Only a breakaway, and only if supervised. I figured why not try as it was a gift and not night shade. Its crazy whats available. Funny story: a good samaritan judged for purchasing motrin for her. And suggested the tablets. After hard core judging. I politely told her i was actually a doctor and i appreciated her concern.

      1. gotta love judgy moms 😛 i’ve had to leave several facebook mom groups because i couldn’t take the inappropriate medical advice that was being dispensed by non-medical people, on top of the judginess, lol.

    1. I am so biased and therefore more than agree with you! She’s got quite a personality to match too. The funny thing is she’s been called a boy a couple times this week… Apparently we need more pink in our lives?

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