the rest of the story.

This lovely lady has been on my radar for some time and has recently suffered a devastating diagnosis. But she and her husband have found a blessing in this and I thought maybe all of us could offer some support and prayers. I can’t wait to see their family grow!!!


I had the best intentions of blogging all the posts about IVF and such. It didn’t happen. Because sometimes a shattered heart is hard to put into words on the internet. For like, five people to read.

Instead of going back and posting all the posts (there are exactly 41 drafts of unwritten posts, not all IVF related but most of them) I’m just going to give you the brief version. Here we go.

Over the past year I have gone through four IVF cycles, countless shots and hormones, three IVF egg retrievals, six trips to LA/Pasadena, one frozen embryo transfer of our twins and one hysteroscopy surgery. We witnessed 17 embryos be fertilized and begin to grow. Out of those 17, two survived. Our twins, a boy and a girl.

This past February we went back to Pasadena for the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) of our two surviving babies…

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