Oh to be open…

I’ve never been hesitant to share the fact that we struggled to find S. She was elusive, hidden amongst ultrasounds and hormone therapies, following a journey riddled with surgeries and sample collections. She was our sugar plum fairy, dancing at the edge of our dreams.

However I have never shared the depths of this struggle. I have never shared the stress and invasiveness of IF. Never mentioned the craziness of scheduling IUIs when also seeing appts. Beyond our very close family, I’ve really just let it be. And I’m not sure if that is right.

You see, I know so very many people who have struggled. Many who I suspect, some who have come out and said so. And because of my Hubs and my own career, we have so many ties that perhaps would at least provide a lifeline for others. Because I can’t stress how much this journey has hurt. I can’t stress how much we had and have struggled.

So I don’t know… Should I? Link this blog for all to see? Because what if it helps?

Because what if S is one day in the trenches too?

3 thoughts on “Oh to be open…”

  1. I felt a weight release from my shoulders when I shared on fb about our infertility and IVF journey. I still haven’t shared the link to my blog with many as I wrote some things that I don’t want others to read.

    I will say that when I opened up another friend at work has confided in me and is starting her IVF journey now. I will say most people are indifferent but I did get a few comments of “oh we struggled too”.

    I say do whatever feels right to you! 🙂

  2. I went through and password protected some highly personal posts, then I shared it on FB. Sharing my battle lifted an immense weight and I’m so thankful I did. SO many people reached out and shared their struggle too! It’s helped quite a few people! Good luck!

  3. I am so thankful for sharing our story on FB and with family and friends and strangers! I’ve had so many reach out and share their own struggles and it helps some know that they are not alone!

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