Crazy 8

Life has happened and I have managed to miss posting last month. I think that tiny tot has a lot to do with it, but I also know that the hospital is an attention seeking beast as well.

And so. Speaking of our tiny. She has totally and completely invaded everything. Not just our lives but physically invaded our space. The week after she turned 7 months, I mentally noted that her knees were more red than usual. I then put her down amongst her toys and, bam, sister was crawling! Shakey and jerky initially but moving and already owning her new freedom. She also is sitting like a pro, swinging her sweet bum under herself like she was born doing it. And all of this motion has now progressed to pulling to stand and kneeling unassisted.

The lady also loves, LOVES water. She had her first swimming pool experience, loves baths, likes taking baths with Mommy, likes playing in dog water bowls and also sucking dog water off of the floor 😳. It’s hilarious. We have begun letting her drink from our glasses and are trying to teach her to use her sippy cup currently. I’m also tempted to actually hunt down some swim classes,

S has also found her voice. She has always been very chattery, but now says la-la, ba-ba, da-da, ya-ya, and everything between. Add in a few shouts, squeals, and dinosaur noises and you can just imagine how entertaining she is. She has also managed to really put those vocal cords to good use in the crying department. When the chic is pissed, hell hath no fury like tiny S!!!

So now we have this adorable sweet-cheeked, waving!!!!!!, giggly little girl on our hands. Whom also had a wicked loud attitude when peeved or otherwise irritated. It blows my mind, how much she has grown.

Adult food introduction is going well still. She definitely has amazing responses initially but I just keep giving a new item until she doesn’t mind it. She really likes bits of our food, especially chicken and sucking on pizza crusts. She is still otherwise breastfed, although her amount of feeds has dramatically reduced. Despite this, I continue to pump at work like a fiend. I’m feeling that the year recommendation is well within our reach and am tickled that we can continue this relationship. There is something so sweet about having this little girl nursing and stroking my face as she drinks to sleep. Or hearing her contented sighs during her night feeds. Speaking of which, unfortunately I still wake 1-2 times nightly but oh well. As we all know, this isn’t forever.

Another note worthy change is her extreme attachment to us, me in particular. When she sees me, she immediately demands to be with me and by all that is holy, I better not walk away and I better not put her on the ground. It’s both endearing and slightly crazy, but I secretly love how much she now wants just us. It’s like something clicked and she’s like, hey, I belong with those people!!!

So, at 8 months, she’s kinda becoming a little girl. I feel like the infant S is fading so quickly before our eyes and soon I’m going to have this walking mini that has developed a decidedly hilarious personality. I’m truly sad but also so enchanted by these changes.













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