6 months!

How did this even happen? I am incredibly sad even thinking that her first year of life is already 1/2 way done. It blows my mind. And she’s had some pretty big changes this month. She’s trying to crawl while spinning and worming around everywhere. She says “ba-ba”. And “da-da.” All of the sudden everything has changed.

It’s truly amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.

Her 6 mo appt went well. She’s just over 14 lbs and 25 inches. She also got cleared for big baby food. That’s an incredibly intense change in itself. I am happy that she is not so dependent on feeding but my heart does drops some tears that she is no longer exclusively breastfed. We have been doing a modified purée/blw. Mostly because I can’t see us sticking to just baby food and it’s fun to give her stuff we are eating. Also she’s crazy grabby and it’s hard to keep things away from her. I don’t really know what is better in terms of introducing food, but I do know that this fits our lifestyle better.

Speaking of breast feeding… It’s insane but we’re still going strong. I’ve come to terms that it’s all her. She made this work. She continues to make this work. Public breastfeeding is still fine. If she needs to eat, she needs to eat. I will say that it’s less stressful in general cause she’s eating less frequently, but also at 6 months in, honey badger don’t care. I love that I can do this for her. That we’ve had that blessing. It makes me proud of my body despite the more fluffy aspect of it. Cause every roll and wrinkle is from what I could do. That’s amazing. The couple of hiccup we’ve recently hit was her deciding the nursing cover is no bueno and her being more than a little distracted when eating. Chick has a lot to see, yo, and that sheet is just cramping her style! She would much rather be looking at and playing with my shirt, my hair, my face, the armrest, the kitty, doggies, and everything else in between. She’s quite a busy bee.

Pumping. It. Is. Lame. I pump 3-4 times in a 8 -9 hour shift. I obtain 13-16 ounces during that time. But I spend 1.5 to 2 hours in which I have to block off to do so. Even though, in reality, it takes maybe 3/4 that time. It is what it is. I don’t like to pump, find it an inconvenience at best, but I will do it for her. And I will continue to do so because I feel like we’ve been lucky enough and it’s the best for now.

Now for my soap box… BREASTFEEDING IS HARD. PUMPING IS HARD. And it’s by sheer luck we’ve managed this far. And it’s a small battle each day I pump through. Life sucks in that we have to often work while being mommas to babies. But life is also awesome in that we can provide financially and set an example for our tinies. So what I’m saying is, I feel crazy lucky I can provide this form of nourishment. But I feel the same way about formula or the mix of the two. I only include what we are doing because it’s what is our story but would include the same if we used more bottles or formula or whatever. I hate that there Is so much stigma for or against. Babies need to be fed and science has provided many ways in which to do so. It’s all perfect and lovely, all of the ways to sustain these tiny lives.

Bedtime. She goes down pretty well as long as she isn’t wicked worked up. She is also very, VERY flexible with her schedule. This is perfect because of my cray schedule and the Hubs cray military life. We really needed a child that can roll with it. And she’s great. She will sleep when we’re out and about regardless of when or where and wakes up just as cheerful as when she passed out. It’s insane how lucky we are. The only bad thing is that she still wakes up at least once at night but my feeling is she’s truly hungry. Otherwise, once fed, she’s out and will sometimes sleep until 9 or 10 am. I did ask the pediatrician if this was okay and apparently 1 hour per month of life is normal. 6 hours is pretty much on target then. I’m okay with this about 70% of the time although I can’t lie that getting into bed at 11 and then waking up at 3 and 5 am really sucks. It’s only for a little while though. In reality my nighttime snuggles will be coming to a close sooner than I care to admit. Until then our little ritual is bath, lotion, pjs, bedtime story, nurse, and rocking. It sounds like a lot but it’s pretty quick and logical. I only rock her because I HATE when she spits up. And then I can keep her upright for a little bit. Once in bed, she almost immediately rolls to her stomach and is out for the count. She may wake up once at the very first but otherwise is pretty out cold. Now, this is my routine with her. The Hubs has an entirely different game plan when I’m at work late, so, again, she’s crazy flexible.

Daycare is okay. And by okay I mean I dislike it but she’s likely gaining a lot from it. I do still like the exposure to bacteria and such for her immune system. I will like how she will be able to interact with others as she grows. But on base daycare is occasionally difficult to deal with. The caregivers are sometimes abrasive. And other parents are also sometimes ridiculous. But there’s no sense in worrying too much over it. If I can, I am hoping to move her to a private facility once I find a new position. There is one lady who does really like the terror. And that lady always gives us a great report on how she’s doing. Apparently she is the mover in the group. They put her in a small area and just let her wiggle and squirm and roll all over while she eats all the toys.

All in all, Shes quite amazing 😍







4 thoughts on “6 months!”

  1. First off, she’s freaking adorable!

    I’m so happy everything is going well for you! That’s awesome that she rolls with your schedule.

    Well said about the feeding the baby soapbox rant. There really seem to be a lot of comments and judgments about both breastfeeding and formula feeding. When I gave up breastfeeding I felt like I was in the minority. I’ve noticed now that a fair amount of people are very judgmental when it comes to breastfeeding in public. I just don’t get it. Why must people make us mommas feel judged for the decisions we make to parent our child(ren)?

  2. She’s gorgeous!

    The breastfeeding. Man-I totes agree with everything and I’m less than three weeks into it. Even though I promised myself I’d be ok if we did formula, I still made myself feel so guilty for even considering quitting bfing-how does that even make sense?! The answer is SOCIETY. People got into my head big time. I’m glad I kept going because now it’s really working for us, but formula would also have been just fine.

  3. Isn’t the breastfeeding thing crazy. People have such strong opinions and emotions about it. I think for many of us who struggled to get to even think about breastfeeding we are able to see it a bit more as a win if we are able to do it, period.

    I have to say though, I’m super jealous of your sleeping situation. I’m still getting up 4 times a night most nights. I’m trying to just enjoy the closeness and cuddles, but at six months in, I’m starting to wonder when I might get some reprieve…

    She’s a cutie!

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