The 5 month crazies

Our little lady is now officially past the 5 month mark. And all I can think is what the hell just happened?!?! It’s both amazing to see her grow and play and roll all over the world and terrifying to realize that my Itty bitty baby is truly not even close to a newborn anymore. We no longer use the swaddle and she sleeps in her pack’n’play. She can sit up in her high chair and bumbo. She holds her own bottle and is literally out of control when she rolls. She babbles and chuckles. She is a slithering fool. It’s out of this world.

To top all of that off, she’s really begun using her hands. Like far beyond batting things and now grabbing all the stuff with purpose. Nothing is really safe within arms reach now. Including our faces as of today. It’s hilarious that one moment she has just begun to grab everything and the next day she’s straight up trying to Walking Dead our noses. I’m both terrified and excited to see what exactly happens when she’s crawling.

We have not begun solids yet and intend on hitting that milestone at around her 6 month mark. I can foresee that it’ll be hilarious simply because of her reactions to a recent interaction with grape flavored Tylenol. As of now, though, she’s still a breast-fed baby. When I contemplate that, it almost blows my mind to the same degree as to how much she’s grown. I never had goal for how long we’d bf and am shocked we made it past the hospital when she was born. All I can really attribute this feat to is awesome videos and diagrams I found via Pinterest. And my stubbornness. Thankfully we have not had any issues with the badness that can happen while bf, but that’s really because of sheer luck. Not anything I did. I did have a few moments of doubt when she decided to increase her intake but an additional 2 ounces each feeding at daycare but I think I may have managed to work up to that. Thank ye oatmeal, fenugreek, milk thistle gods. I also try to get at least one session in while I have days off.

As for sleeping. Hell, it’s hit-or-miss. Sometimes she’s great, sometimes she s not. When she’s sick, she kicks my ass. I’d say at least once a night, I’m nursing and rocking, like right now incidentally. I often research how often bf babies wake up at night and am semi reassured that 1-2 times is normal at night. And then, of course, in the wee hours, I kick my ass for even wanting to bf. But it’s really okay, she’s only this little for so long. Fortunately once she does eat she immediately passes out.

S recently also had her first real sickness of daycare. Temp of 102.2 for a day or so and constant waking. It was awful and I almost died. She’s just getting over the tail-end of it now. Which leads me to daycare. I still like the idea of her being in it because it allows me to have an income and thereby allows us to live the lifestyle we want. But this daycare on base kind of pisses me off. The lead lady is very confrontational. She is also very judgey. Like about dog hair and if she runs out of spare clothes. Or if her bottles leak and they run short of milk. None of this is our fault but she makes the Hubs feel like we are bad parents. It also breaks my heart to think of her crying there which I know happens cause I’ve walked in when other little ones are crying. And I get it. There’s a lot of babies for 2-3 people but it just sucks. I am seriously considering a nanny or a different daycare. We shall see.

As for work. I ended up not taking that perfect hour job cause the owner be cray. I asked her if it would be okay for me to leave in the far chance S was sick and she essentially said that she would consider terminating my employment for things of that nature. Um, Nope. Not even gonna fight that battle. So I’m still looking. Hopefully some promising things come up.

Anyways, here’s some pics of the crazy!






4 thoughts on “The 5 month crazies”

  1. What’s their infant ratio? Our base CDC does 4-1 which is supposed to be ideal, but they act like there’s no way we’ll get a spot, so we’re on the list at another one that does 6-1. I’m sorry they’re so hateful. We’re actually leaning towards the off base day care even if we do get a spot at the CDC on base because the base CDC folks were also less than friendly to us…

    1. Its 4-1 too. I’m just less than delighted with their treatment of us, not necessarily their handling of S. It seriously makes my husband feel like we are doing a crappy job. I wonder, though, if its just a response to dealing with other subpar parents? Whats the cost difference for you off base?

  2. Awww she’s adorable!!! Funny you mention about her grabbing things, M started grabbing faces and hair last week! I totally meant to respond to your question on fb and forgot! I’ll answer now. M is doing well! Eating issues seem to be minimal now and I can see she’s getting bigger. We go in for her 6 month appt on 6/19.

    Daycare issues are no fun. I’ve had a few minor ones to deal with but I’m sorry you’re having a pain in the butt person to deal with on a daily basis.

    Glad everything else is going well!

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