And now we are at 4

Actually 4.25 months but it’s close enough for government work. S is becoming quite an enchanting little tiny. And little tiny is appropriate. She weighed in at 12 # at her 4 mo appt which sits around the 23% and is a bit of shortie at 22.8 in (10%). She’s all brains though with a noggin of about the 71%.

All of those brains are sure working too. She is quite a mover and quite a talker. Rolls from back to tummy quite well and is working on the same versatility from tummy to back. She still loves to stand and can rather easily sit up and then stand up with assistance. Everything under the sun goes into her mouth. But I dare say hand towels are her favorite to chew on. And we certainly give her more than enough of those! Cheap toys, honestly.

As for the taking…She does this crazy purring noise that sounds like a mini chewbaca. She’s crazy interactive too. Talks at you and other people. If she’s upset and you pick her up, she tells you how sad she was and that she missed you so much!!! Lots of squeals and chuckles too.
Our crazy squiggle girl!

Sleeping through the night is still whatever. We are are continuing to swaddle but mostly cause of her torticollis/flat head spot. Trying to keep her on her right side is nigh impossible but the swaddle helps. The PT does say she is getting remarkably better though and hopefully we will graduate after her next checkup. In fact she received lots of compliments from her PT about how alert and advanced physically she is. So she seems developmentally okay despite her poor little head hiccups!

Back to the night stuff… Folks, Ain’t gonna lie but I love these midnight/3 am snuggles. I love her little nursing rooting and they way she snuggles on my chest after. I love smelling her growing locks. I love hearing her itty breaths. I’m already mourning my nighttime snuggles.

Nursing is still going strong. We have a fantastic frozen supply and I have been able to keep my production despite working. It’s a hassle sometimes but now I feel committed regardless. She does well on bm and clearly enjoys the entire process. It’s definitely not just nutrition but also an expression of love. I HATE pumping but I keep at it cause that’s what she is used to and wants. That being said, bottles and formula are truly a god send for many moms. And I loathe how much Bf moms look down on formula moms. Seriously there is 0 things wrong with either approach. In fact, I’m jealous of how much more accepted bottles are in public and I’m wicked jealous of not having to nurse in public. I still retreat to the bedroom if company is over cause it doesn’t seem comfortable for me otherwise. I can’t believe the stress I still have over public nursing. It’s better but still there. I am making progress with public nursing but it’s really taking a lot of personal growth. Thank god the Hubs is so supportive and no-nonsense about the entire thing. He’s all “Who cares? She needs to eat.”. And really, that’s hella true. Kid’s gotta eat!

I can’t believe she’s over 4 months, yall. Our tiny newborn is not so much a baby but is really a tiny person. She’s all over the place, eats everything, is such a cheerful little thing. I can’t say I miss that new-from-the-hospital itty bitty but I don’t want time to keep moving so quickly. I even told last night not to grow up too fast. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s going to disobey me.





6 thoughts on “And now we are at 4”

  1. Aww I just love the pics as always! I find it interesting she was 22.8 inches and in the 10th percentile and Mackenzie was 23 inches and in the 5th percentile. Sometimes I just don’t get this percentile thing as it doesn’t seem accurate seeing other people’s updates!

    Glad to hear breastfeeding is going well and you’re keeping your supply up with work! 🙂

  2. Soooo adorbs! Ok, so on the breastfeeding in public–I still feel weird about it but I don’t hesitate to do it because it’s either 1. Breastfeed or 2. Have a screaming unhappy baby. I have these wonderful aiden + anais muslin swaddles and they are perfect for breastfeeding–I tie one around my neck (loosely) and drape it over me & her, and it’s breathable so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating her even when it’s warm. I love snuggling (in fact my otty bitty is asleep on the boppy in my lap post-feeding as I type on my phone) but BF’ing has been hard for me. I don’t get much when I pump (and geez it’s hard to find time to pump) so I’m jealous of your freezer stash. But she is def getting enough to eat so there’s that. XOXO

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