9lb 14oz of Adorables





18 thoughts on “9lb 14oz of Adorables”

      1. We are doing good, thanks for asking. We got home from our trip yesterday as daddy has today off. He thinks he’s home next week as well so the company is great! She goes for her 2 month appt next Thursday. Our girls are getting so big!

      2. It’s awful but I’m kinda okay with them getting big. Not cause I don’t love their tiny newness but rather I love seeing them develop personalities. I also am loving the more sleep I get ;). I’m glad yall are doing good, lady! Im stoked that it’s getting better for you both.

      3. Believe me, I know exactly what you are saying! I’m ready for this all to make sense. The last couple of days have been out of whack and I found myself very frustrated last night and this afternoon. Thankfully my husband is off this next week so hopefully we can get her back on a schedule again, at least somewhat!

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