4 weeks

Officially Miss S is 1 whole month today. It’s both crazy and relieving to know that. The first 2 weeks were hard. Her day/night was wicked mixed up and I felt like a walking zombie. Breast feeding, although going great, maybe me feel utterly trapped. Yet going out in public made me want to run for the hills. I honestly was worried that I would need to go in for depression. And to ask for more help seemed pointless cause the Hubs clearly can’t feed her. It was straight up awful.

But it’s better now. Much so. And I don’t know what changed. Maybe because I think we have our days and nights realigned. It might be because my hormones are not raging. Maybe I’m now delusional. It doesn’t matter cause it’s better. S is sleeping better at night, although still nursing every 2 hours. She’s more interactive during the day although she also can deliver some giant tears given a meltdown. She has been more restless lately but I have a feeling that we are hitting a growth spurt.

Life is also a bit less scary. We did get daycare on base, which is cheaper than off base and has additional perks as needed. Like formula if we so desire. I’m hoping to find a new position so I will have more regular hours. Not only for my sanity but for The Hubs too. I’m also hoping to start running again but we will give it time.

I am a tad concerned with how much S spits up so may contact the Ped about that. But she is otherwise doing just fine. I daresay that when she begins to sleep longer, I might throw a bloody party!

So to celebrate both of us surviving a month, look at how cute she is!




16 thoughts on “4 weeks”

  1. She is precious! Breastfeeding will continue to get easier and BF in public will seem much less daunting, I promise. Spitting up is totally normal due to an immature lower esophageal sphincter and will get better as she starts sitting up. As long as they are “happy spitters”, gaining weight and don’t have projectile spitting, arching or crying with it (and as long as it’s a normal partially digested color) we dont worry about it. Your washing machine will just be busy for a while! (I’m a NICU nurse but I’m sure this is what your ped will tell you too!)

    1. Thanks lady! Thats what i read too. Shes only had a couple projectile moments, but i think that is cause shes a glutten. Like straight up porker. Its funny how scary Bf in public is! How are you and your little family? I feel like i havent seen anything in awhile!

      1. Yes. That’s how my son is. I swear we go through 3-4 outfits a day. I’ve been forsing myself to bf in public. Nursing tank with another shirt over and then the top of yiur boobs and your tummy are covered and you can hardly tell youre nursing. Try it at home in a mirror to see what you can actually see. It’s bot as much as we imagine. Injust posted an update like an hour ago finally!

    1. Thanks, dear! It’s much better now. I think lack of adult contact is hard too. But we are adjusting… Of course just in time for me to go back to work in about 4 weeks! I almost wish I had another month off, but it will be nice to be back at work too. Hope the weather isn’t too back in IA!

      1. It is definitely an adjustment! I’ve told my husband several times this parenting thing is difficult. I feel like we’re settling in as well but I still struggle some days. I wish I had friends/family visit more often just for conversation and an extra hand. The weather here is actually decent right now. 40’s and 50’s the last few days! We even got the stroller out Sunday and went for a long walk. I’m incredibly lucky to have 16 weeks of maternity leave but part of me is kind of wanting to get back to work so I can break up my day a little. I feel horrible saying that but being home alone everyday isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be! Now that I went out on my own with her yesterday I’m going to try to get out a couple times a week and go do something even if it’s just going to the grocery store!

    1. My mom actually made the bear. It freaks the Hubs out but he’s lame, so that doesn’t count ;). Those first weeks are so, so hard. In a way that’s very different than what I expected and hard to explain. But it’s worth it and it does go by fast! I just can’t wait to see how she grows and to see her personality. I can’t wait for your big day too! So close!

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