The dance

That is what having a newborn is. The most intricate of dances, mixing all varieties, give and take. It’s amazing, stressful, shocking, crazy. Mostly insanity. Staying up all night, never sleeping during the day, seeing piles of laundry and life stack up around us. I’ve never been so utterly exhausted in my life and I desperately wonder when I may ever get a full nights sleep again.

Thankfully little S is a great eater and a pretty good sleeper too. Watching her feed is kind of hilarious. She is straight up a porker. Like almost attacks anything that might be a nipple. Even if it’s Daddy’s chest. I feel like this has resulted in the rather dramatic response of my body. It’s sheer insanity how much of a letdown I have. And it’s everywhere. On her, on the bobby, on the rocker, my nightgown, our bedding. I don’t even understand it all. Almost a uncontrollable, can’t be in public biology. But I am thankful. This is a way for me to continue to provide for her and I know that sometimes our bodies don’t allow for us to breastfeed. So again, we are so very blessed. I am thankful for this gift too.

We recently had her newborn pics done. S is quite decisive in her existence, very specific about what she wants and when. This is fortunate in that there is really 2 or 3 reasons for her to meltdown: feeding or diapers. If those come to her in a reasonable amount of time, life is cake. She also loves loud noises. Turn it up! Loud white noise, loud womb bear, solid butt pats, and she sleeps. Turns out all this translated to her pictures as well. All we needed was some solid patting, loud noises, and a good drink and she is gorgeous!

So here we sit. Waiting on the New Year, watching the Hubs stare at her pics. Watching her sleep in the angle of my arm, like she was made for it or rather it was made for her. He is so very smitten with her. It’s incredible that love he has for her. So strong. Like nothing I have ever seen.



8 thoughts on “The dance”

  1. Those pictures are adorable! I’m so glad everything is going well for you and that she’s easygoing! I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for all of you!

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