39 + 4

I have finally had the time to post our horribly late up-date! I meant to post the end of November, at my one year blogiversary, but work has been insanely soul sucking.

We are in such a different place from when I started writing our story. As of Friday, I have officially been on maternity leave. And 3 days in, Hubs and I have been trying to play catch up on our to-do list. We are gradually getting there. The Christmas lights are up, laundry is in the works, the backyard fence should be 90% completed, couches shampooed, cars cleaned…and her room is about 95% done too.

. IMG_3895.JPG

The best part of these small tasks is that they are doing a fine job of keeping my mind off that big event to come. Which is amazing because I am absolutely no good at waiting. I’m the kid who opens presents too early and forces the Hubs to open his too. But, that being said, this body of mine is getting a tad tired. Not having to work 12 hours a day will help a ton although I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ve moved passed the comfy stage. My hips ache fairly intensely and regularly, especially when I try to sleep, and this pain does like to be further enhanced by my constant bathroom breaks. I’ve also been having mild to moderate menstrual-like cramps, which I suspect are the pre-game show.

We’ve been so blessed with this pregnancy so far but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some wear’n’tear! I think the hardest part is just waiting, though. We are ready to meet her, truly more than ready. And I would of course like a memo of what this labor process will start with and be like. That’s wicked hard too. Not really knowing what exactly will go down. I’m not really worried about the pain of it all. I have faith that although it’ll be super hard, my body will do its job. It’s always been quite tough and resilient in any task I’ve challenged it with. Also that pain is part of this process so I feel like I shouldn’t worry about it more than necessary. I am still opting to go about her birth naturally, unless medically necessary.

So here we are. Waiting on our Christmas baby to make her big debut. And cleaning all of the house in the meantime!


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