Finally the crazy is settling

It’s been wicked insane. Life in general , with everything running like wild organized chaos. For a bit there I felt like just the associated stress of our life changes was beginning to drown me. It seemed like it might be just too much.

And then I was finishing my last over night shift. No longer transitioning from days to nights within a 24 hour period. And I was able to take a nap on our couch. Our mountain of boxes where slowly dwindling in size. We had our bed back. Routine was beginning to set in.

I finally could breath again. Life might be okay again. We can handle this. I can handle this.

We have officially moved in and love our new home. The doggies and kitties like it all too although both pibbles think they will melt in the rain. Work is finally seeming manageable. I must say, going into a practice that is just shy of a referral facility is a little intimidating. But I may have found a niche although it means I’m gonna have to do some foot-work in orthopedic surgery. It’s totally doable. I do like the surgeries!

And our baby girl. She is fine. Moving, kicking, tapping at the surgery table while we plate a femur. My uterus is enormous! I have fairly constant Braxton Hicks and certainly am more fatigued. The late days more than kick my butt! Heartburn is becoming a constant companion and the GI runs a little more than I would like, but hey. It really doesn’t matter. She is perfect. I seriously can’t wait to meet her. I hope she likes us! Labor is definitely on the brain and I am panicking about not having the time to take a bloody class. I prefer not having an epidural and am in the process of investigating online material… If anyone has any suggestions, I would love you forever!!!

We finally did maternity pictures too!! So I’ll leave y’all with one of my favorites. I am always thinking of you all!!




10 thoughts on “Finally the crazy is settling”

  1. Hi!!!hi!!! Man it’s been a while love! Glad the dust is settling and you both can start to relax and prepare for baby girls arrival. I e missed your posts and am always thinking of you and how your doing. You look beautiful and the photos are super cute. I can’t believe your already 33 weeks pregnant (probably more by now). Xoxoxo can you email me your new address?

    1. Thanks, doll! I am so happy everything is just settling down! The other day I actually had that moment of stark clear contentment and happiness with life again. It’s been awhile since that has happened! How are you? Getting ready, huh? I’ll be thinking of you!

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