Camper folk with a hoard of animals

This past month has been crazy. Like the most eventful, complicated move ever crazy. And as of tomorrow, our caravan of insanity will hit the road and trek 1/2 way across the US.

Thank the heavens.

I’ve been MIA mostly because more and more moving complications that have kept cropping up. From living in an empty house on air mattresses, to working literally up until the day before us leaving, and everything in-between. First of all buying a home sucks pickles. Giant gross gas station pickles. Or maybe even worse like pickled eggs. We have all the documents in, we just need to verify that I’m not a free-loader, and thought that was okay to wait for until we moved.

False, peeps.

Turns out a giant panic occurred yesterday at which time we received calls from everyone in the world. Within a 2 hour span. Funny how we didn’t hear crap for the past 3 weeks. So enter last minute panic to get a contract signed and faxed over to our home loan people. I almost would rather be in our tiny camper with our animal kingdom.

And of course there is work. I don’t know why I always do this, but I ALWAYS WORK UNTIL WE LITERALLY ARE IN THE MOMENT OF LEAVING. It’s ridiculous and dumb and you’d think I would learn. So I’ve been continuing to do on call and work regular shifts while we were cleaning our home for inspection. I’ve been desperately trying to keep my cases pretty much closed too. As in, pet-is-better-and-client-knows-I’m- leaving-but-it’s-done closed. I thought I was in the clear with that too but naturally I had a weird complication with a fracture case and a huge corneal ulcer on the mend and an older dog with what is essentially dementia. Perfect. Naturally all of these are not even going to be just a quick recheck appt but rather several more weeks of care.

I feel like such an a hole for leaving my colleagues with those cases.

On top of that, cleaning base housing sucks the same pickled food stuffs mentioned above. Not a big surprise but I always forget how much that blows. And my father decided to have an epic alcoholic meltdown which was then followed by the increased crazy stress of my siblings. I’m about ready to officially declare that I’m not dealing with his drug/alcohol issues any more, not once, not never. I love him, but seriously. He’s a grown ass man and can figure that shit out.

So this is where we are sitting now. We are literally squatting outside our house in a camper not big enough for our crap. Let alone the dogs and cats. We look like trailer trash. Complete with pitties and lawn chairs. I’m frantically signing a year away for work so we can maybe move out of the camper and be real people again. If not, I’m going to embrace trailer life, wear a white tank top that’s too small and has stains, maybe stop showering, and pretend to drink a beer.

But I guess, bright side is everything that is important. And now we move onto the tiny lady of the house.

She’s a mover and a shaker, guys, all over the place even in exam rooms. I feel like clients could see her if they looked closely enough. She’s quite curious too, tapping anything I rest on the growing mountain that was my abdomen. She pushes and pops back at us when we invade her nest. It’s surreal. And, honestly, I’m feeling so much of a stronger adoration of her because now I finally FEEL like she’s there. Not having traditional or really any symptoms of pregnancy has been quite crazy and I could have almost convinced myself that I was not. But her little jigs have served to put that notion to rest!

Our last appt went well. She’s measuring right on tract, labs look good, no issues but heart burn. Well until I saw my weight.

Like whoa Nelly.

So we are at 29 weeks and since our last appt, that scale gnome moved my numbers up by 10 lbs. Meaning we have a total weight increase of 17-20, depending on where exactly you determine my starting weight was. I panicked. Like epic asking the doctor and googling everything after panic. The Hubs thought I had boarded the train to crazy town and wasn’t going to come back.

Now I know that we are still prolly going to be okay. I know that. But holy balls. That was a shock. And honestly if our girl is healthy, it doesn’t matter. But I also know moving means crappy eating and I also know that I feel more swollen of late. Just puffy. Definitely time to get that under control. Otherwise I really might pitch a tv reality show to mtv, complete with a pregnant whale of a woman. I bet it’d have good ratings.

Needless to say, hopefully there will be more fun stories to tell y’all about our travels. And maybe I’ll be able to actually comment on the things that have been happening. My heart really goes out to Awaiting Autumn, Ladylove and Baby dust, Infetility why me, and A Calm Persistence, amongst the many with good news or horrible news. I’ve been there cheering or crying with you, even if I haven’t commented! Hugs to all of you wonderfuls!!!!


5 thoughts on “Camper folk with a hoard of animals”

  1. So happy to hear that baby girl is doing well. That is clearly the most important thing, as you said. Good luck continuing to manage the move! Wishing you the most uneventful move possible from here on out!

  2. I’m so glad baby is doing well! Been thinking about you as I haven’t seen any updates as of recently! Seems a bunch of us in the late 20 week span have seen an increase in weight – I kind of freaked out at my 9lb gain at my 24 week appointment, then today it went down 1lb so it doesn’t seem so bad now! I’m hoping your move goes well!

  3. So happy to see this update from you! Been thinking about you. So sorry you’re so busy with the move. Hope you get settled in your new house soon! Happy to hear your little girl is doing so well. I know what you mean about the movement. Our little guys has been a crazy shaker and a mover lately too. It’s so cool! As for the weight gain, I have gained the same as you (17lbs) and I’m only 26 weeks 4 days! I read in the pregnancy book “your pregnancy week by week, that at 26 weeks the normal wight gain is between 16-20lbs, so it sounds like I’m right not track which means you’re fine! πŸ™‚ It’s scary to think there are still several weeks to go, but don’t feel bad! You’re growing a healthy baby!

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