Life as we know it

I am a horrible, terrible, no-good blogger.  There are so many reasons for my absence, including the whirlwind of crazy that the military offers.  I did post about, maybe?, a week ago, but WordPress is a finicky hussy and didn’t advertise it.  Insolent wench.  Although I dropped a Thank you in the post, I really want everyone to send some love to beautiful Elisha, who sent our lovely girl an adorable headband.  That woman is a pillar of strength and has had some wonderful, REGULAR cycles of late.  I am hoping and praying for her always!

As for life right now…Everything is changing so very fast now!  TMO will be packing and shipping our collection of stuff the end of this week.  Our initial base housing inspection is the 15th.  My last weekend on call embarks on Friday (thank all of the heavens!!!).  Work baby shower is set for the 20th and some lovely girls and I are escaping to watch Wicked the 27th.  Then final inspection on housing is the 29th and we roll out of NM October 2nd.

You would think that I am jumping for joy, but honestly it’s terrifying how much of life will all be in an upheaval.  There are so many variables that are up in the air, and I am more than a tad freaked out about just not having a bed or other creature comforts for what will likely be a month.  Let alone the more important things. 

Like leaving my current position.   I am legit sad to be leaving the clinic.  I have learned so much and grown as a professional in ways that I could never have imagined.  I love my co-workers, I love my clients and their pets.  I can only hope that this next facility will live up to these standards, although I have no doubt it will be in a very different way.  It devastates me that I would be leaving such a great practice for something that might not be comparable. 

And although we never want to say this, coming from a AF Base that most individuals strongly dislike, I am just emotionally spent with the idea of leaving all that we have built here.  We have a nice home on base, our animals are all settled in here, we have close friends, and we had plans for the next year.  Plans for trips and vacations.  We are acclimated to this base, as hard as it was to adjust. 

So poor Hubs had to deal with the mass of emotions just a couple days ago.  Although I have been very even-tempered throughout our pregnancy, it was just too much.  Add buying a house and confirming an associate position for myself and you get a crazy, hormonal, can’t sleep, want to eat all the time wife.  I just wanted to cry and mostly be treated like a small child. 

Thankfully today was better.  Our application for the house has passed the first stages and so we won’t have a camper baby.  And let me tell you, the idea of a poor, sickly camper baby was causing me to have heart palpitations.  I am pretty sure that I have found the clinic that I will accept a position with.  And it has all of the places for professional growth that I would need.  With great pay and great benefits.  I am pretty sure our household goods will be packed appropriately and that we will pass our house final inspection with flying colors. 

It will be fine.  It will.  Just breath, in and out.  In. And. Out. 

***** Pregnancy Quickie*****

Our girl is kicking up a storm.  I feel her all of the time.  Pitter patters that melt my heart and I seriously adore her.  It is amazing this love that I have.  We are a lucky pair still, with everything progressing as it should.  No complications although I have had a fair amount of Braxton Hicks.  I plan on mentioning them to the Ob (whom I am still not fond of, but, heck, we are moving!), as they are more common than I expect.  However there are 0 other symptoms. 

Except my belly button.  It has pretty much left the innie side!  And I do have very mild heartburn, but it’s super minor and really not worth worrying about. 

I desperately want to start the nursery and start fall decorations, but that will happen all in good time.  And I can’t wait to have our Christmas decorations and tree up because we will be that much closer to Baby Girl making her appearance.  In the meantime I do plan on another bump pic this weekend, promise!


5 thoughts on “Life as we know it”

  1. You know, as boring and lonely as it was I will always miss Santa Fe, NM. It was good to me. And I only wish I was there NOW for hatch green chiles, ristras, and the balloon festival! And the smell of wood burning fireplaces in the crisp autumn air…ok, enough memory lane. You got a lot on your plate but it’s all going to fall into place! Yes please more pics! XOXO

  2. I am sooo glad to see an update from you! Just tonight I was watching tv and you came to my mind…I realized I hadn’t heard from you in awhile and even wondered if I had accidentally “unfollowed” you. Lol!! I know that things are crazy right now, but soon you will be all settled into your new place and giddy with excitement of starting go fresh! Thanks for the shout out and I am wicked excited about my shorter cycles! Wow! God is so faithful! I can’t wait to share with the world one day that I am an enormous pregnant fool :). Sending you hugs! Xo

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