The love that I have for you

It’s been a really, REALLY long time!  But, although I have been preoccupied, I have fore sure kept up with y’all…through the amazing news to the downright awful announcements.  My heart has been there, even if I have not voiced it, and I have been thinking of you ladies!!

As for our neck of the woods…we sure have been busy.  Our trip to the Northwest was very fruitful, with us placing an offer on a house and me have a couple of great job offers.  The house is absolutely gorgeous.  It is located in a beautiful area and is just rural enough for us to begin to breath again.  The associate positions are equally amazing, although one is an overnight position, which makes me nervous.  Mostly because the Hubs may deploy at some point and that would leave the tiny lady and I in quite a bind.  But I have faith that it will be right as rain.

Speaking of that husband of mine…we have just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!  I cannot believe it.  9 years since “I do” and 12 years since I met him while I was still a naive high schooler.  Years of love and respect and being with the best person I know.  How did that even happen?! ?  He steals my heart and takes my breath away when I see how much he adores our daughter, already caught hopelessly in love, hook, line, and sinker.  It is incredible to see this transition for him.  I could have not asked for a better partner, a better father for whom is already his princess.

Right now, I feel blessed beyond anything I could ever have hoped for.

And for that little angel of ours.  She is equally perfect.  In fact that is the report we were given of her ultrasound.  Everything is right on mark, she is growing and moving and shaking up storm.  There is no doubt that she is making her presence known, as I expect she will continue to do upon her arrival.  As of our appointment and ultrasound last week, she weighs in at 1 lb 5 oz, HR is 155 bpm, and all of her miniscule parts are appropriate size/shape and accounted for.  Incidentally, they keep telling us she is a girl, meaning we have received about 3 pics that verify that fact.  All the more pics to panic the Hubs with ;).

I am feeling pretty amazing too.  The belly is definitely noticeable at this point, and I think I have made it to the point where even attempting to hide it would be pretty futile.  I have probably gained around 6-9 lbs depending on the day, but otherwise have had minimal symptoms with the exception of difficulties sleeping.  And even that hasn’t been awful, just hit and miss, with some amazing dreams.  I do have a bit more gas than normal which have made for some embarrassing moments at work!  Oh well.

One last thing.  The most important part of this entire post.  Because of you ladies I have received more love and compassion than I was even expecting when I began this blog.  You have been there when I entered the depression of TTC and when we finally, FINALLY, received our miracle.  And you are even there with us now, as we begin another chapter of our lives, still sending love.  One of our sisters nailed that home with me, via a tiny flower headband for that precious cargo I am carrying.  She is incredible, has had incredible faith in her journey and continually sends her love to those she has touched.  It is gifts like this that makes my heart melt at the relationship I have built with you ladies.  Thank you so, so, sooooo much, Elisha!!

So, here we are, at 6 months and right at the cusp of the 3rd trimester.  Right before we begin the big move 1/2 way across the country!!

6 months


6 thoughts on “The love that I have for you”

  1. I am with Beck… I don’t think I saw this post on my reader. You look lovely! And Elisha is such a sweetheart. That’s a very cute and thoughtful gift. Six months already!

  2. Hi there – I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago as my husband and I were doing our sixth and final IUI before moving on to IVF. Your posts are so encouraging and brought me so much hope. So happy you were blessed with a BFP. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and best of luck with the move.

    1. Thanks Erica! Life is finally becoming manageable again! I hope the iui was successful… I was so incredibly stressed when we were at those very crossroads. And if not, i’m sending as many prayers as i can for IVF!!

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