Downhill Slide!

First off.  Garage sales.  The devil.  Straight up.  I like selling stuff and getting monies.  I like the idea that our “junk” are going to be put to good use.  I do not like sitting in the sun at 7am, being swarmed by flies, and waiting for someone to put that said junk to good use.  I really don’t like not sleeping in on my weekend off.  I think the doggies don’t like not sleeping in either.  Speaking of which, while we are waiting for peeps to come peruse the collection of crap we have, Layla managed to get rear-deep into the trash and eat 2 coffee filters full of used grounds.  I almost sold her. 

Now onto bigger and better things! Tiny Baby Girl Update!!!!

We are now 20 weeks.  At our anomaly scan, everything is perfect, although she measures on average a few days smaller than what we had running off of with our RE.  Changes our due date to the 20th of December…maybe we will have a Christmas baby yet!  She does have an anterior placenta, making it more difficult for me to note any movement but I have had a few flutters and a couple taps =)  So odd, little bumps and bubbles.  You could almost convince yourself that it’s just from that pizza you just ate but it’s more intentional.  But … seriously the best thing so far.  Sometimes I try to poke at her to get something for the Hubs to feel but he always gets worried that I’m prodding at her.  I don’t think he understands how much is in the way before I might poke out her eye 😉

Our princess at 19wks and some change!!

19wks sucking thumb

Speaking of other best things, I feel 95% awesome.  I have not gained really anything, a tad tired, no heartburn, and just mild GI stuff.  Not nausea but the other end, which I’ll save you the details, but having a normal bathroom break is seriously a luxury you miss when it’s gone.  I am urinating like it’s going out of style but I also drink a wicked large amount of water pre-bedtime and so that is likely my fault anyways.  I still am not a fan of meat in general but could eat the heck out of some fruit and salad.  A funny thing to note is that I am feeling a tad mistrustful towards watermelons…not really shocking if you think about it!  Another odd tidbit is that my belly button is pretty shallow nowadays and my upper 1/2 is definitely better endowed.  The cleavage is quite impressive in dresses/shirts of late and certainly is a source of entertainment.  Interestingly I am not really sore, maybe tender once in awhile. 

As for the future….we do have an ultrasound in about 3 weeks to actually get measurements on her heart and great vessels.  Everything really did look great but she was a bit young for great viewing and I’m not gonna lie and say that I am sad about it!  Any chance that we have to see her precious face!  Of course this is scheduled in between our visit to the Northwest to find a new living quarters and to ensure that I won’t be unemployed.  It’s gonna be a busy couple of months…better put on some roller blades I guess 😉 


24 thoughts on “Downhill Slide!”

  1. Yay for 20 Weeks! You’re halfway there! Baby girl is so precious! And you look wonderful! Good luck with your garage sale! Will be thinking about you in the coming weeks. Hope all is good at the next scan and good luck with house hunting and with your interviews!

    1. Thanks, lady! I can’t believe how fast everything seems to be going now. It’s insane. Maybe this is a sign that I am getting older 😉 And thank the stars above that garage sale is done! We managed to get rid of a lot big items that we didn’t want to cart with us. Makes me happy. I can’t wait until your big ultrasound!!!

    1. Awesomeness factor…perfect! The Hubs is a December kid too, but I don’t let him think he is awesome. At least not too much. I am so happy you used that Zofran. Every med that has an effect, has a side-effect, but when your nausea is literally destorying your ability to even exist, there is more than enough reasons right there. I am just happy you are getting some much needed relief!

    1. Thanks, lovely! I like the 2D pics, and she’s super cute in them, but she looks odd, like a combo of an alien and monkey in the weird 4D ones. It’s awful that’s what comes to mind when looking at those pics! How are you? I saw that you prolly had a rough even lately and have been thinking about you!

  2. How are you already 20 weeks? Jeez where does the time go? That’s incredible!! So happy to hear everything is still going perfectly!!

  3. I hear ya on the yard sale! Friday and Saturday I had to help my mom with my grandmothers yard sale. She passed in June and we had to sell everything. Bleck!

  4. I’m glad everything is going well with baby! About garage sales… we have vowed to never have one. Ever. It’s never worth the time or trouble. When I think about all the hours it takes to prep, the sitting outsides in the wind/rain/heat/etc… YUCK! And there are always lots of things left over that you have to get rid of anyway. We post things for sale on local sites, things we know we can get some money for. The rest we either give away (people come and take it from us!) or toss.

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