Oh, the military life

Since the beginning of July, there has been such an extraordinarily large number of changes in our lives.  All centered around those orders the Hubs finally, FINALLY, received.  Our exit from New Mexico, right straight back to the Northwest.  This is seriously a dream come true.  We never expected such an amazing set of orders that is within weekend driving distance from our families.

But with such a blessing comes some serious decisions.  Including the discussion of buying a house (holy CRAP have we gotten all adult-ish!) and finding a new veterinarian associate position.  Fortunately in the home part of the equation, the Hubs is a bit obsessive about big life purchases and has managed to not only ensure that we are pre-approved for a home loan but also to formulate a list of homes for us to view.  It’s very exciting to realize that we might actually be in the process of owning our very own place although it is equally terrifying to make such a huge financial commitment.  As of now our plan is to fly to the area, view these homes, and start submitting an offer so that we can hopefully be able to move into the house at around the same time we roll into our new awesome base location.

As for the job…things are going much better than I would have initially expected.  I was super nervous about this because I don’t have a lot of years under my belt although I will say, hands down, that my quality of experience more than makes up for the lack of time.  At risk of sounding conceited, I am damn good at my job, great at surgery, and fantastic with owners.  This career field was built for me, it really was.  Like a duck in water and all of that.  Because of this I applied for jobs that I might not have originally applied for because I was hoping my resume and references would speak for themselves.  Thank the stars above that this has appeared to be the case.  I currently have 3 large veterinary groups, 1 private practice, and 1 emergency facility with whom I should be able to interview with when we fly up to view the homes.

This means that we are going to have a wicked busy weekend coming up.

I am so excited!

As for the little girl…everything is going amazingly well.  I still feel like a million dollars.  Minimal amounts of the typical pregnancy crazy that you always hear about.  And by minimal, I mean nothing at all.  This alone makes me feel so very blessed.  We do have our 20ish week ultrasound tomorrow and I promise to do an update!

I am so sorry that I have been MIA lately, but know I am thinking of all you wonderful ladies out there!

9 thoughts on “Oh, the military life”

  1. So exciting! I’m so happy to hear everything is falling into place, and beyond happy that all is good with your girl and that you’re feeling good! Can’t wait for your next update after your big scan tomorrow. Good luck with your house hunting and interviews!

  2. Great to hear your update! Congrats on buying a new house and the upcoming move. And glad everything is going smoothy with your girl.

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