All of the worries

Monday was D Day. Monday I told Boss Man the news. I was seriously so stressed that I worked myself into a tizzy the night before. Woke up at 3ish, mind racing in 10,000 directions. What would he say, what if he says get out now, what if I can’t land a new position, what abut new housing, what if Huckleberry is born in a camper with no crib… And on and on and on. I love being terrified. Love. It.

But here’s the thing. Boss man was completely understanding. He was sad but totes okay with it. He knew this would happen. Military families get orders, they all leave. And, honestly, we have been here forever, so those elusive orders were going to shake down at some point. Such is the Air Force. It’s not like I said the Hubs was at the local tire shop.

Check off insane worry número uno .

Then I hit Tuesday with overhauling my resume and composing a cover letter. I followed that by shooting off that info to about 11 open associate DVM positions. By that afternoon I had one phone interview with a muti-doc practice and by that evening I had two new emails concerning additional positions. The phone convo was really the kicker though. It was exactly what I needed. Even with letting the manager know about Berry, she assured me that was not a concern and would like a meeting as soon as we are in the area. Even better is that I am expecting a call from a second clinic this Tuesday.

So later gator worry #2.

Moving on to the house issue. We are trying to avoid living on base mostly because of the dogs. First, because of the breed restrictions. Second because they need room to run! And, honestly, we want to be away from the craziness of the base. We have always lived on base and we want more freedom. We would like to buy a place to handle these issues. Mostly because of the breed issues, but cause (oh puhleaze!!!), we should be in the area at least 5 years. And we wanna be grownups!!!

But here’s the issue. We plan on vacating here in about mid October. Best case scenario we find a house ASAP and close by the mid of November. Worst case, we live in a small camper with 3 big dogs and 2 cats. And have a camper baby. Second worse case is we get a house in winter 1 week before Huckleberry is due. Poor kid. Sorry Mommy and Daddy are bad gamblers! As of now, so I don’t develop ulcers, we are tossing the idea to fly the Hubs up early to get the ball rolling and hopefully close by the end of October or early November. So maybe we can welcome our lil Berry to an actual home… And we won’t be trapped in a tiny camper with our zoo.

My last big concern is transitioning to a new OB. Although we will do everything to get registered with a care provided prior to arriving, I’m worried about the whole referral process. I am desperately hoping that this new base is far better managed than here. I am also praying this pregnancy continues to be textbook. That there are no roadblocks, pun intended and all. I have had some minor cramps, which I’m sure are fine, with 0 discharge, but what if? Also I am mildly interested with what our current Ob will say about traveling over 1500 miles at 32+ weeks gestation.

So that all is still up in limbo. But as for the rest of it… The Air Force will move our house, so that’s nbd. We can just get a pack n play, so whatev about the crib. And the other worries… We will just try to be as prepared as possible. Things will be okay.

At least we have a couple events to look forward to! First real appt is Tuesday, with the anatomy scan the 29th. But I ain’t gonna lie… I’ve been hunting down some place to sex the tiny human early because I literally cannot handle the suspense. And I have an awesome idea for a gender reveal!!!

Anyways, always thinking of you ladies, and hoping. I’m wishing for a wonderful news feed with the best of news!!!


9 thoughts on “All of the worries”

  1. You are going to have a busy year! Good luck with the job search. I can completely understand your reasons for your housing situation based on your pets! Looking forward to updates and can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl!

  2. Glad everything is coming together! My husband hates living on base so we never will. I am still so amazed that the Air Force keeps people in one place for so long – but I think if you like this new place, then that will be really good! Glad the new job is lining up and you sound like you are in good spirits. I have my anatomy scan the 24th – we can compare note 🙂 Hugs

  3. I’m so happy everything is working out so far! Sending you prayers you get the housing, job and especially OB referral sorted out quickly. Hugs girl!

  4. Happy for you that things are going well, boss is understanding, and the job front looks bright. Things always work on in the end. 🙂 Enjoy the time and hopefully you’ll find a house before your little one makes it to the world.

  5. I grew up in the military, and it can be pretty challenging (we moved every 3-4 years, both in the US and abroad), but it’s amazing to see how support a lot of the companies are, and how compassionate they are to ‘that lifestyle’. Very exciting for your new family and the pups! Also – boo on breed restrictions! we move every year with my husbands’ job, and it’s a bitch to find places to live that will allow us and our pitties!

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