Wicked stoked

Are you ready for the most random thoughts about work ever?  Good 😉

Finally, FINALLY, the Boss Man and I had a chance to talk contracts.  And I think I might have hit the glory hole (I seriously hate this term, by the way… but I am also obscenely entertained by it.).  My new salary seems appropriate for a 2nd year veterinarian.  But that is not the best part.  The best part is there is maternity leave included.

Holy buckets does that change things for the better.

And on top of that, we have a new associate veterinarian.  This causes us to go on a 3 week rotation.  Meaning I am on-call every 3rd weekend.  I can’t even begin to express how amazing that will be.  Just to have an additional weekend to reset and relax is exactly what both I and the other senior associate need.  I think this will slow down that burnout I know you all have seen me hit at times.  And the bonus is that I do like her.  She has a great sense of humor and is very willing to jump into the action.

Speaking of which, the dynamics that we have amongst us doctors as well as the staff,  is also pretty great.

In other news, my forelimb amputation came back for a recheck and she is doing more than amazingly.  She is bouncing around, eating up a storm, and generally pretty happy with life.  Her owner gave me a big hug at their appointment which my husband laughed about.  Because he thought it was strange that the guy would be thrilled that I cut off his dog’s leg.  Whatever, Hubs, only cool kids understand.

So, as of now, I am content.  Life is great right as of this moment.


9 thoughts on “Wicked stoked”

  1. So stoked for you! Yay for the pay raise and mat leave!! And double yay for the 3 week rotation and finally getting a bit of a break!

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