My most wonderful and beautiful IF sisters

My most wonderful and beautiful IF sisters

Recently I have entered a state of surreal…which is ironic because that is how I choose to define that little post where I knew there was a miracle brewing. This feeling is becoming accented by moments of bliss and surprise. And one of the best surprises that brought a deluge of tears came from our IF sister, the loveliest Jen. She had asked me for my contact information not that long ago and, shortly following, my husband found a package in the mail. This incredible, thoughtful, most wonderful gift is a onesie that has an adorable bear footies and an adorable bear rear. It is amazing.  And I adore this woman.  She is so very optimistic, despite the struggles her and her husband have faced.  She is an incredible woman, with so much strength, and I cannot WAIT to celebrate her tiny miracle!!

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much, Jen!  I heart you from the moon and back!!!!


4 thoughts on “My most wonderful and beautiful IF sisters”

  1. You are so welcome, I’m glad it meant so much to you!! It’s crazy this bond I share with you and a few other ladies….just because of the struggles we’ve all gone through. It’s something no one else could possibly understand. I’m just so excited about your pregnancy, and know i won’t be too far behind you!

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