Today’s Crazy

From 7:30 am to 6:20 pm, I had approximately 1/2 hour break.  The rest of the day I was managing 3 intense internal med cases, seeing regular appointments, completing elective surgeries, and receiving a direct shot to the face with an arterial bleed.  From my first solo forelimb amputation.  I feel like quite a BA but that surgery kicked my hindquarters.  I feel like garbage.

As for that med case I also mentioned with the last post…I talked to 2 boarded internists and they also have no idea what is actually going on.  We were initially worried about the patient going into a diabetic ketoacidosis but turns out the dog has no evidence of that.  The only other diagnosis we can hang our hat on is the recent gastrointestinal biopsy results…which turned out to be inflammatory bowel.  Honestly this should not cause a huge issue because the dog’s cholesterol/etc are within normal limits but there is nothing else we can address.  Soooo, I guess steroids it is.  I am hoping against all hope that maybe the dog will turn around.

Not shockingly, during all that craziness I was unable to actually get a hold of the base…again.  Meaning I still have no idea when the referral for an Ob will completed.  And tomorrow is Friday so chances are I still won’t know until next week around, say, Wednesday.  Yay team Air Force.  I truly cannot believe how difficult this is turning out to be.

At least we have our bump board…here comes the pregnancy stuff, ladies… know that I heart you all and always will understand if you need to click away.

We are now at 14w1d.  Everything is going perfectly. I am much, much less tired, although that strained muscle/nerve at the level of my right hindquarters is still being a tad painful.  I feel like such a wimp when I grunt because of it each time I examine a large dog on the floor.  But I think it’s maybe getting better.

As for cravings, I cannot handle much protein and bread is really not all that appetizing.  Chicken, steak, pork all sound gross.  Fish sounds okay.  Salads and fruits, though, I could eat all of it in the entire world.

I also feel a bit more balanced in my temperament, thank heavens, because the one wicked meltdown I had while in Idaho was enough.  I was so embarrassed I asked the Hubs NOT to say a word to our families.

I bought my very first maternity clothes and I think I might never wear real pants again.  Holy buckets are they amazing.  Honestly the most incredible, most comfortable jeans ever.  This is a good thing because I realized how snug my slacks were at work today.  Talk about fat guy in a little coat and all of that.

So, at 14w1d, we are way officially in our second trimester!  Matilda was so excited she wanted to be part of the fun 😉





22 thoughts on “Today’s Crazy”

    1. You are such a doll. Thank you! I was really excited to see your Goldilocks is staying with you at least for a little while, although you’re right that eventually it will be the best thing for her to go home. You are so incredibly strong!

  1. Aw, love that bump and yay for maternity pants! Sorry your day was so crazy and that the referral process is still up in the air. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted out and you get in to see the perfect doctor very soon!

    1. It’s been awful dealing with the Air Force and Tricare. Mostly this base is awful. But I think that maybe we have that referral okay now. I set up our initial b/w appt for next Friday and then hopefully we will actually have a real appt shortly after. I am still so stoked that the NT scan was perfect for your lil’ Bean!!!

      1. How awful hon! The last thing you need is to be worried about your prenatal care! So glad it seems to be resolved and you have your referral!

        Thanks! I got the results of the MaterniT21/NIPT blood test today and all is good! I still can’t believe all is going well. I’m almost afraid to even talk about it! But I have to tell all of you! I’m about to post about it now and I have our gender reveal!

  2. What an adorable picture!! You look great! I’m glad you’re less tired, and I surely hope that when I get pregnant I crave salads too, lol. When will you find out the gender???

    1. We are stilllll waiting for our first official ob appt but I think we may finally have the referral okay to go forward. I have an initial bloodwork appt next Friday and then I think we’ll have a game plan. And thanks, honey! You are a doll!

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