12 Weeks Bumpity Bump

I have been putting these off, the actual pregnancy posts.  Mostly because I feel so damn sad and awful about how they may affect many of you lovelies out there.  And I don’t want to do that.  In fact, it is the last thing I want to do.  So I will try to post them sporadically amongst my other random musings about work and how the Air Force never wants us to leave this high desert, not-my-cup-of-tea base.

I promise I won’t flood your feeds with baby stuff because I know how horrible it burns.

But, in the meantime, here goes one of those posts!

12 wks

Currently: As of today, June bug is at 12w3d.

Weight:  Currently down about 2 pounds, likely because nothing sounds really great enough to eat all of.  No nausea at all but just lack of interest.  Things just taste weird.

Now I did post this pic on FB and received lots of sweet comments…except from an old coworker.  She had to say something along the lines of “You are already showing at 3 months?!?!.” which made me feel like a fat heifer.  Um thanks?  Some days, heck yes, there is something going on in the abdomen department.  Other days, nada.  This ol’ photo just happened to catch the more bloated days.  Some people’s children, I tell you what.

And everything else:  As expected there really isn’t any change…nothing noted in the wedding ring/belly button/random stuff departments.  I feel very normal and actually have a bit more energy than previously.  I find I can actually stay up until 9:30 or 10 pm now and don’t feel like I have the extreme exhaustion associated with wrestling a freight train all night.

The only exception is that heinous sciatic nerve.

That little guy is being a little more difficult to work with.  Most of the time I can do my physical exams and surgeries at work with no issues.  But sometimes I have the worst nerve cramp when I am trying to stand up after tumbling with a dog.  It’s fairly uncomfortable.  And a little embarrassing that I would have a flare-up at 12ish weeks.  I keep telling myself that I will not roll about the ground all day and then I do it all day.

Other than that I do note I have a few more headaches than normal but I often associate them with drinking enough water or with the heat wave from Hades we are experiencing down here.  But a touch of Tylenol goes a long way in taking the edge off of the worst ones.

As for the drama of dealing with military health insurance.  The Hubs and I had previously made the decision that we would prefer to continue our treatment in Lubbock, at their Ob/Gyn facility.  However most ladies in the area tend to have appointments with the local clinic.  And the local clinic is fine, I know that it does very well with it’s patients.  The problem I have is, again, because of the load of clients they see.  It results in the facility becoming more of an assembly line.  And, like I said previously, I want to avoid that.  I want to be treated differently.

But because Tricare generally refers pregnants to the local facility, they are being a bit more difficult as we are requesting a referral.  The best part is that I had to cancel our NT scan on Monday because of this.  Which sucks because I submitted that referral about a week ago and did not receive a call from the base Woman’s Clinic until Friday…AT 3:30 PM.  Cool, base peeps, real cool.  I was even more irritated when the Staff Sgt that called me had the condescending tone when she asked “So who did you get the positive pregnancy test from?”

Well, lady, I bought a Cracker Jack box and found a snap test I decided to test with.  You folks should know the answer to this already because you referred me to an RE.  For Pete’s sake.  Of course this all occurs right before the Hubs and I are taking a week to go to Idaho for a family vacay.  Now I won’t be able to have any appointments until 14 weeks, maybe longer and will certainly miss that NT scan deadline.  And that honestly isn’t a big deal because our risk of Down’s syndrome is very low but it was more for our comfort of mind.  For us to know all is well and that June bug is still kicking along.

As you all can imagine, I am a little nervous not to see the babe for almost a month, when most women, even normal women, have had at least one appointment by now with their Ob.  Thank heavens for a doppler that I can use to find his/her heart beat.  And that we have a vacay that will serve as a distraction in the meantime.  I can’t wait to be back in the mountains!



14 thoughts on “12 Weeks Bumpity Bump”

  1. Oh look who is looking adorable?? Nice. 🙂 Sorry about the referral and stuff for the OB appt and the NT scan. So messed up. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I love it!!!!! I can’t wait to see future updates. Sorry your whole medical situation is a pain…the wait for that next appointment is agonizing as it is.

  3. What a cute bump you have!! So exciting. I’m shocked that your old coworker said that, what a bitch. Do people just not think before they speak????!!!? Sorry you’re having so much trouble with your sciatic nerve, that sounds just awful! Keep the pregnancy posts coming, they don’t offend me one bit…..I’ll be there too before too much longer!!!

  4. I have to admit that it has been harder for me to see other suffering with IF get pregnant than “normal” people who get pregnant easily. I will also admit that I do stop following some people’s blogs when they announce they are pregnancy. It is one way that I can make myself feel less like I am being left behind. But, there are people I continue to follow through their pregnancy. I can’t explain why I follow some over others, but I can say that I really appreciated that you thought about those of us who are still struggling. I guess I do know why I continue following … Your story resonates on some level with me maybe it is your considerate spirit! I look forward to hearing your pregnancy stories!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about having reservations about posting pregnancy related things- I just haven’t been able to do it yet! I love your chalk board! You look great! Oh man, so sorry you’re having to hassle with referrals and Tri-care. No fun at all! I can’t wait to hear about your vacation!!!

  6. You look so cute 🙂 And boo to your old coworker! I’m only 10 weeks and I definitely have little bump going on too! That’s brutal about the NT scan and the Staff Sgt! How rude! With my history of loss and poor egg quality there’s no way I would go without an NT scan and the Materna 21 test. It’s ridiculous that they didn’t get you scheduled properly for it! Will you do an anatomy scan at 18 weeks instead? That scan will be even more accurate than the NT scan. Either way, try not to worry too much in the meantime hon. I’m sure baby is perfect. And yes, thank goodness for your doppler! Enjoy your vacation hon ❤

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