…is pretty much midnight.  It truly is.  Especially when you get a call.  Enter proptosed eye on a small breed dog that the owner wants to save.  So I get up, barely make myself presentable, and drive to work only to find an injury that is older than a couple hours meaning a leathery, hemorrhagic globe.  Essentially not able to saved and certainly not visual. 

Mostly not worth waking up at midnight. 

As for work in general right now, the only task I am avoiding is helping with radiographs.  Because I have been feeling pretty great, I can do almost everything and am honestly even not feeling quite as exhausted.  It’s great.  Except for the fact that my contract has been up for a couple days and the Boss Man has yet to discuss the details of my new one.  And honestly I might lose my mind if I do not see a change in my paycheck.  I have worked for minimal pay all year and busted my rear in emergencies and surgeries.  The other associate received a significant raise for staying on in his 2nd year and I expect the same.  Especially since I brought in around 20-30 grand more than he did in emergency fees for the clinic. 

But I have no idea how to procure this contract change.  I have already asked him twice and he keeps feeding me this line about a production based pay.  Note that we have yet to talk about my base pay or those percentages AT ALL.  I am very frustrated.  And we certainly have not discussed the logistics of maternity leave. 

This all sucks real bad.  All of the bads.  Especially given my midnight call.  I have no doubt that the other associate would not have even considered going in. 



3 thoughts on “11:57PM”

  1. Do you have access to the numbers so you can bring the percentages to him and force him to have the conversation? This sounds fishy. I don’t want to throw around accusations, especially without knowing all the details, but could this have to do with the fact that you are female and pregnant? Even if he doesn’t approve a raise, he must at least consider a proposal and look at the numbers. If not, I’d ask myself if it might be time to move on.

    That said…. I’m so glad you’re feeling good! I was so exhausted my entire first trimester and into the second. I finally got my second wind, but now that 3rd tri is here, I’m starting to feel tired again and the aches have started. Hope you continue to feel like a rockstar!

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