The doggies’ big announcement and the symptoms that are not

I have yet to hear about the blood draw for that whole parvovirus nonsense.  The inefficiency of the military constantly astounds me.  Blood was submitted Monday and I likely won’t hear a peep until Thursday or Friday.  But truly, it’s whatever.  I feel fine.  I certainly do not have any bizarre rashes or fevers.  And even if there was an active infection, in reality about 5% of those babies affected will have fetal anemia and that’s about it.  We shall cross that bridge if it comes to it.

As for our big FB announcement….we decided to drop the ball the day of our last ultrasound.  Mostly because we were excited and could barely keep our giddiness quiet.  Not surprising considering we totally jumped the gun once we got our first beta results with the family.  And since we have been married forEVER and all of our other friends and family jumped on the baby bandwagon AGES AGO, the response was really amazing.  This June bug is already so loved that the little tyke won’t know what to do with her/his-self =D

But to get the full effect of even trying to get our pibbles to cooperate, I wanted to give you some outtakes to enjoy…unruly beasts that we have!


I am in awe of the love we have with our friends and family.  I am in awe and total wonderment at the tiny flicker of life sharing my body and our lives right now.  How crazy is this?!  How is such a miracle even possible, that genes and chromosomes exist to direct cells into a symphony of life?  It’s like a intensely choreographed Broadway show that we just happen to be able to watch.  Like the most perfectly balanced chemical equation that results in the formation of everything beautiful you could have ever imagined.

Now for all this rocket science that is taking place inside me I guess I’ll break the news about the symptoms…there are like 3.5.  I am exhausted.  I can’t sleep enough and I have these wicked dreams every single night.  My most favorite starts with me doing pilates with friends only to get in a caravan, like a train, of cars driving on a terribly snowy pass.  In one car, by himself, is Buck.  We come up to a corner and I am thinking we have to down shift but of courses the snow, which is like 4 feet deep, causes us to go into the ditch.  And when we come to a stop, we notice a cougar on the hill above us, ready to pounce right on our caravan.  This one and all of them are amazingly vivid.  Makes for a fun night, lemme tell ya.

I also urinate like I’m either taking steroids or on a diuretic.  All the time, all night long, in between every surgery in the world.  Granted I am drinking enough water to further ensure NM will be always in a drought, but still.  Come to find out that beginning in the first trimester the volume of blood I was toting around has increased by 15% already.  Makes complete logic knowing that little fact and certainly makes me mind the inconvenience less.

I am a tad more touchy about certain situations.  Mostly I have less patience but I am usually able to talk myself out of melting down or raging upon people around me.  I do feel more weepy about certain things although, again, I usually can reign the tears in.

As for the rest of it: the nausea, constipation, bloating…there is either nothing or such minimal amounts of those signs, I can’t even really count them as symptoms.  Once in a while I feel queasy and I am flighty about how much I want to eat but I am certainly not nauseous.  The GI works just fine on both ends, really, except maybe for some loose consistency once in awhile (TMI!  I’m sorry!!!).  Subsequently, I really don’t feel bloated.

Like, ladies, I feel pretty much okay.  It’s just the sleepiness that is a bummer and even that is mostly manageable.  In a way I’m not entirely surprised because this body of mine is really stoic about a lot of different things.  Clomid, the lap, femara, and any other medications or situations have rarely ever caused more the minor issues, most of which weren’t even worth mentioning.  In another way I sometimes wish there was more of them all, just for reassurance sake.  That is lame, I know, and I should be counting all of my blessings because I know of so many other ladies that do have and have had awful, horrible pregnancy symptoms.  But still its the entire reassurance thing.

The exciting reassurance that I did get, though, the super, duper, awesome compliment I received happened yesterday…I was told by a good friend that I have a bump.  I couldn’t even hide my excitement cause I just feel thick.  I cornered the Hubs to verify this and he was forced to say he had noticed but he wasn’t an idiot.  He said: Men know better than to point out that his honey’s stomach is bigger.  I’ll give him that, I guess.

Funny thing is that the bump I didn’t know was a bump sure does like it when he says good night to June bug every night and at least once daily.  I just can’t barely wait for the next ultrasound on Thursday.


28 thoughts on “The doggies’ big announcement and the symptoms that are not”

  1. Cute announcement! We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with ours in a few weeks. I’m so glad I’m not the only one having a major lack of symptoms with pregnancy. I had my first semi-weird dream last night – but mostly I’ve had extreme exhaustion and spend a lot more time urinating. As for the dream – with your profession you’ll probably laugh. My husband and I raise rabbits and although we only have 7 currently my dream last night was one of them telling me who her parents are and it didn’t match the pedigree that I received. Keep in mind the pedigree is in the mail and I haven’t received it yet, lol. I guess rabbits talk in my dreams though. I’m so glad everything is going well for you though! 🙂

    1. I love that dream!! I had one where I was doing a spay on a cat and the cat woke up and bit an artery in it’s abdomen. Horrifying dream! I can’t wait to see what your announcement looks like! And aren’t the babies cute in this pic? Such loved 4-leggers!

    1. Ahhh, thanks lady! I loved this pic and it only took about 30 to get a good one 😉 I have a new symptom though, which is sad, but my sciatic nerve is being quite a brat lately. Worth it though!

  2. cute announcement! Try not to stress about the symptoms too much! I read a book called God’s Plan for Pregnancy and it’s actually a GOOD thing to not have symptoms such as sickness, etc.because Jesus paid the price for ALL sicknesses including those of pregnancy symptoms. I have heard of many women who prayed against pregnancy symptoms before they conceived and they had little to no symptoms what so ever. 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks, Elisha! You are always right on the noggin with everything…and I love it! I am still feeling quite good with a mildly annoying sciatic nerve but that’s it! I can’t wait to hear about your Sunday, honey!

  3. Love the announcement! I’m with you on the symptoms: I have fatigue, occasional sleeplessness, breast tenderness, and my husband would say moodiness. The others (nausea, bloating, anything else), not so much.

      1. That’s cute about the dogs! My parents’ dogs are the same way… takes me forever to get a good picture of them. I’m doing ok! Fading symptoms, but I’ve heard that’s normal around 10 weeks and I’m 11 weeks. Next ultrasound in 1 week!

  4. I share your amazement at the whole pregnancy process- it’s truly a miracle. I also feel for you dealing with the military and healthcare-bleck!! Love your announcement and I am so happy you’re feeling the love!!

    1. Oh the military. Oh Tricare. Such a pain but seriously I am so happy to have it. And I was so tickled with this pic! Those babies of ours are incredible and have to be part of this all! How are you doing?

  5. I love your dogs! And the announcement. I understand about the reassurance of symptoms but hopefully the constant trips to the bathroom can hold you over 😉 Hope everything continues to go well and looking forward to the ultrasound update! Yay!

    1. Aren’t they ridiculous? Cracks me up, even when they still do all of the bad things! How excited are you to move? I hope it’s smooth…and I totally understand about the amounts of crazy things y’all have acquired. Cause us too. It’s horrible, but life happens, right?

  6. I love your doggie announcement! So cute! Your dogs are so cute! I’m so so happy all is continuing to go well with your little one! Sending you lots of prayers for Thursday’s scan. Can’t wait for your update!

      1. I’m doing okay, Thanks! Feeling pretty awful and loving it : ) Hoping it’s a good sign! Other than that, there’s not too much new, but I just posted an update. I have several appointments next week so my 9 1/2 week point will be pretty exciting 🙂

    1. Thanks! Everything is okee dokee now…and I love this pic of the doggies too! They just crack me up, and treats really are the way to their little hearts! Makes them pose in just 30 shots or less 😉

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