Bronco Baby B

Today was u/s # 2… Which in some ways seemed like so much of a bigger deal than the first one. In reality this visit really allows us to feel like we are almost out of the first trimester woods…as in less than 10% of pregnancies at this stage end up resulting In the bad thing. Thankfully it was early in the morning so I couldn’t jack up my blood pressure right up into the hypertensive realm.

And you know what? The little June Bug was one heck of a mover and a shaker today… I cannot believe that a gummy bear sized little human can wiggle so much! We even got video but (not shockingly), I have to figure out how to load it. I can remove spleens but dang if I can manage an iPhone! Measures 2.24 cm, from 0.9 cm. And that little heart… 182 bpm. Holy buckets. That is exactly the heart rate I would expect in a hyperthyroid feline.

But the wiggles!!! Just these little, random blips of energy. How can that even be possible, that a minute sized human can move so much that early?!?! Even Dr. P said it was quite remarkable that our baby was moving that much, especially at this particular stage. I just can’t wait to feel the tyke!

So currently we are at 8w6d, my progesterone is 29, and the next ultrasound is at the end of the month. Then we graduate from our RE and I can’t express how sad I am only because I love this staff. I am definitely figuring out what we will do to express our gratitude for all they have done.

Funny thing though, I can’t think about all that right now. All I can think is of that itty, bitty human dancing up a storm =)


15 thoughts on “Bronco Baby B”

  1. This is such wonderful news! Oh how I loved seeing my little dancing gummy bear!!!! So incredible! Congratulations and enjoy 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, that IS super early for dancing! Yay! I’m bursting at the seams with happiness for you. Enjoy, enjoy.

    I can’t wait until you start writing about your hormones/emotions/random crying…it’s so funny. I want to do a gender reveal party with my family and was just looking stuff up and started bawling at the sight of cakes.

    That little baby is going to keep dancing and dancing of course. You’re golden, mama, I just know it!!!

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