Donor Dog Buck-a-boy =)

Ruger is officially doing just fine…which is amazing because cleaning piles of vomit at 1, 3, 4:30, and 5:45 am is not what I call a good time.  I am so relieved because the last thing I wanted to do was a barium study only to realize that I was taking him to surgery.  It’s truly nerve wracking to imagine doing an abdominal surgery on your personal dog!!

As for our older “child,” I could not be more proud of him today.  He is truly the best dog and was a perfect gentleman when we collected blood for a blood transfusion.  Hopefully this helps an older dachshund recover from a pretty traumatic splenic surgery!  Just look at how handsome he is!  That face literally just makes my heart melt from happiness.

Yesterday the Hubs and I came to a conclusion…I think we are going to do the big public announcement post-ultrasound tomorrow.  I have done some research in terms of percentages of miscarriages and from what I have come across generally the chance decreases greatly with a 9-10 week positive u/s.  I do understand that things happen but I am not going to live in fear of what could happen.  As you lovelies have always said, focus on what can go right and not on all that can go wrong.  If the worst happens at least we have our joy today.

So for our big reveal, I tried to bring out my creative side and involve our doggies.  I truly adore and am deeply attached to all 12 of their legs.  Even with June bug on it’s way, they have been our babies for 9+ years.  And they will continue to be.  I was so stoked with our chalkboard that I just had to share it!!!

I am really excited for the ultrasound tomorrow but I am undeniably nervous too.  Fingers crossed that everything is perfect!!



8 thoughts on “Donor Dog Buck-a-boy =)”

  1. so stinkin’ exciting!!!! I love your attitude to live in the positive!! I can’t wait to see your ultrasound pictures 😉

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