Ruger puppy sad face

Poor little boy has all sorts of GI crazy going on.  A couple days ago, he had me up intermittently all night because of vomiting.  I carted him into the clinic the following day and took an abdominal rad of him which really was unremarkable.  This made me pretty happy because he, even at 7 yo, has a bad habit of eating stupid things and I was super worried that he might have a GI foreign body.    And, let me tell you, doing a surgery on one of my dogs makes me more than a little sad.

So, given there was nothing interesting in his stomach and bowel on imaging, I treated him for gastroenteritis with meds for acute vomiting.

Brings us to today.  He was still feeling pretty dumpy, although he continues to have a great appetite.  He now also has wicked bloody diarrhea which is pretty explosive and leaves him with a pretty sore hind-end.  Fortunately, he did happen to vomit up a black, plastic foreign body this afternoon.  Post-black-object-vomitus, Ruger has been resting more comfortably and I have subsequently added metronidazole to his meds.  The best part of his entire vomit fest is that the Hubs is camping with a friend (hunting and all that jazz) and I am again on-call all weekend.  I am super exhausted from staying up with the little man and I had to do an emergency euthanasia which kept me up until around 2 am this morning.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am to have a 3rd doctor to rotate the weekends with.  Especially with the tiny human on the way.

Funny thing through all of this is that all I can think is thank heavens I can treat the mister man on my own…wonder if that would be kosher on one’s own child 😉

9 thoughts on “Ruger puppy sad face”

  1. Ugh. My dog had that gastrointitis (sp). He almost died. That bloody diarrhea is HORRIFYING to a non-vet dog mom. I’m glad you are a vet and know how to treat him and help him get well again!! That must be a great feeling. 🙂

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