Today was beyond a doubt one of the most emotionally charged days of my life. I don’t think I have ever been so very overwhelmed. It is funny to think what an ultrasound can do to you.

Before our appointment I was beyond stressed. I have been consistently POAS just to have some physical evidence that we still had a positive. Which, in hindsight, was a little much seeing as I am still exhausted and I have been feeling more and more queasy. But hormones can’t be reasoned with as we all know.

So fast forward to the ultrasound. As soon as the image came up on the screen, I just stopped breathing. I remember the Hubs taking my hand. And then Dr. Phy said: There’s the heart.

It was so beautiful that my heart stopped.

Such a fast little flicker. A gorgeous thick placenta. Perfect yolk sack. And that amazing flicker!!! I remember the Hubs softly laughing next to me and them giving me a kiss. We just couldn’t take our eyes off that screen.

But it was hearing that tiny heart beat that brought tears to my eyes. How is it possible that I could literally fall in love with a sound? Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh

June bug is perfect. Measures a day older than our gestimated date at 6w6d. Due date is December 17th. Heart rate is 137bpm.

This is love.


51 thoughts on “137”

      1. Haha! I know only us! If it means a healthy and strong baby is settling in in there, I say bring it! and I hope you feel awful too πŸ™‚ Lots of love back!

      1. I’m feeling good so far!! I’m anxious/nervous and excited thought! 2 more days and I will have my beta so keep everything crossed for me!!

    1. I know, right? Beautiful and miraculous and crazy. I can’t even handle some of those emotions I had! I am less nervous about the next ultrasound, but only because I know what a big obstacle just seeing a strong heart beat is. I love the pics of your little man, by the way!

      1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing pics of your little one in the future. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you are feeling more confident after seeing the heart beat. πŸ™‚

    1. The 17th is a great number, huh πŸ˜‰ You are such an inspiration, even when life is hard. I thank God all the time for the strength He has given you. Hugs and love always, Mama Bird =)

    1. Thanks, lovely! I am glad that you are making such positive changes cause my heart was breaking for all that awful crap that was hitting you and your wife. I hope that you get all the positive TLC you need this weekend! Always thinking of you!

      1. Sure! Name is Katrina Backus (I guess I am past the worry of being anonymous πŸ˜‰ ). And right back atcha! How are you doing? And the wifey?

    1. Thanks! It’s wonderful to see you again! And that everything is going great still…You were one of the first stories I followed and I am so happy for you still!!

      1. I’m feeling pretty well, thanks for asking! Yeah. ..I’m too impatient for my own good. I’m ready to hear a heartbeat or heartbeats!

    1. Thank you!! Best moment of my life to date. It’s just crazy, seeing that heart go. Apparently now the heart is like a 1/3 of his/her body…and takes up about 100% of mine =) I am still nervous for the next ultrasound but also really excited. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday and feeling great!

    1. Thanks! It’s still so much like a dream. And I have those moments of questioning all of the time. But I feel better. We were able to record the ultrasound, which helps with that whole reassurance thing.

  1. Congratulations on such a great heartbeat! I told you everything’s fine πŸ˜‰ But, this was certainly reassuring πŸ˜‰ One hurdle down…now you can relax for a while! How far along are you now?

    1. Today we are 7w3d, so due date is around December 17th as of now. June bug is a little bigger on measurement :). The next ultrasound is May 13th and just seeing that heart just trucking along makes me kinda look forward to it. We were able to record it, so I can look at it to reassure myself all the time. How are you feeling?

      1. I’m feeling peachy πŸ˜‰ Nausea happens only on rare occasions now…I am so happy about that! And I feel like I’ve got more energy during the day. Belly is certainly growing and hope everything’s fine with baby. I have to wait ’til May 28th for my next ultrasound. By the way, your next ultrasound is one day after my birthday so that should bring you luck…hehe. I’m so happy that everything’s going well for you! How are you feeling?

  2. And by the way, we’re both gonna have December babies! Well, mine could be November, if I’m early. First time in eons I’ve looked forward to the holidays. I’m so psyched to be pregnant with you. So grateful. xoxo

    1. I am sooooo excited! It’s going to be a wonderful holiday season, especially since last one was so awful. I love that you are falling asleep in parking lots! I am totally taking every 15 minute nap that I can.

    1. Thanks love! How is today going? I am stilling praying for those little eggs, that they are perfect and strong and ready to grow and stay with Mama. I hope you are feeling okay today!

      1. Still doing pretty good! Not sick much, just tired still but even that is getting better. I could complain about the typical heartburn, headaches, etc. but I’ll try not to!

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