A Veterinarian with a Secret

My original plan was not to say anything until the 1st trimester was done.  Mostly because I cannot even imagine trying to explain and deal with the other what if scenario.  But, for whatever reason, I have had a couple difficult cases that I have really had to work around.  Currently I have a 70lb dog that is a presumptive diabetic that is in DKA.  Essentially the dog was not controlled and his body has subsequently begun metabolizing other resources, resulting in a metabolic acidosis.  Care of this pet includes insulin injections hourly with IV fluids until we can get his blood glucose to a more livable range. 

The really, super awesome part of this pet is that it is completely non-ambulatory.  And it’s 70 lbs.  How am I really supposed to move this pet even if I was not pregnant?

This is on top of having a ridiculous amount of pets needing radiographs.  I just cannot believe my luck.  Generally I don’t have any cases that require that much physical labor or x-rays, but heck why not?  And naturally I also had to do an at-home euthanasia on a 80lb dog that was owned by an older couple, one of which had a stroke.  Even more naturally, this pet had to be moved to a grave they had dug for her.  I swear the grave was around 5 feet deep too.  I am very happy I was there to help her, because the poor puppy was suffering, but seriously?  Another giant dog to move?  Thank the heavens that I have a really incredible staff that I can beg to do this labor for me. 

Needless to say, I think once the ultrasound is in the books I really need to let Boss Man know.  I am kinda nervous about it actually.

As for me…I feel pretty okay.  Really, really tired, sometimes crampy with a mild back aches but in reality they really are minimal.  GI crazy stuff I will not freak y’all out about, but also mild.  And finally some nausea…I had to lance a cat abscess and almost vomited all over the table.  I also decided I really can’t do scrambled eggs. 

I, not shockingly, am still really nervous that the ultrasound won’t go well.  Like probably more than I can even justify, and so bought more pregnancy sticks to test, and they are all wicked positive.  With the positive line far, far, far darker than the control line.  I take that as a good sign.  At least I graduated from the expensive FRERs, so the Hubs doesn’t get quite so sad about me literally pissing money away. 

One huge blessing is the Hubs.  Ladies, he is so incredibly cute about this.  He told me yesterday that he feels like he won the lottery.  And He is already doing the adorable belly touching stuff.  It’s super funny cause it’s all my winter padding now, but he just is too excited to even think about that.  He makes me okay with waiting for the ultrasound.  He says it will be okay.


17 thoughts on “A Veterinarian with a Secret”

  1. That’s so sweet about your hubby. I love it. Mine was/is the same way. It’s the cutest thing ever. Also… scrambled eggs was my one and only food aversion LOL they were awful! I am still too scared to try them again after the initial two incidents. I can’t wait for your ultrasound and will be hoping that everything goes perfectly 🙂

  2. 🙂 I am so so happy for you hon! The mental image of your hubby rubbing your belly is just to cute! Praying so hard for your ultrasound on Tuesday.

  3. I know exactly how you feel about the ultrasound. I didn’t let myself believe it was true until I went. The first thing she said was “there’s a good heartbeat.” It was like getting that BFP all over again! Good luck!! I will be hoping everything goes well for you!

  4. My hubby also always tells me that everything’s going to be fine and well, so far he’s been right 😉 So, I’m sure it’s the same for you. Can’t wait for you to have your first ultrasound. It’s so reassuring and it’s one hurdle down. Keeping my fingers crossed for you ❤

  5. Awww I love this! 🙂 I am hoping for awesome news from your ultrasound!

    FYI – I nominated you for a Liebster award. The details are on my post. If you choose not to do it, I won’t be offended! 🙂

  6. Let’s kick that ultrasound’s arse! Woo! You can do it, mama. Also–if I had to choose the thing I would least like to do right now, weathering pregnancy nausea, it would be lancing a cat’s abscess. That’s *insane*. You are tough!

    1. You are such a love and I am more than thankful to have you as a friend!! Thank you so much, doll! I thought I would die from anticipation and stress. How are you doing? And our babies would just be a few weeks apart!! I love it!!

      1. Me too ❤ I'm doing okay. Mostly just super tired, but also starting to feel some nausea. My first ultrasound isn't until May 15th. I don't know how I'm going to make it though the next 2 week!

        I love it too! It's so exciting! Praying everything continues to go well for both of us!

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