Of Heartbreak and Sorrow: National Infertility Awareness Week

I have a passion for education.  I feel that knowledge is always the best way to combat most misconceptions.  In reality I feel that those who do not understand circumstances simply do not know

I believe that this is the case with Infertility. 

Before, I did not understand what this disease was.  I did not understand how terribly important having a child was for both my husband and I.  I did not understand that my body and his body could fail us in this regards. 

And if I did not understand, I know that those other 7 in 8 couples also do not.  Why would they?  This is not a subject that is discussed.  For the Hubs it is not only about having a baby but also public evaluation of his masculinity.  For myself, regardless of the other trials and accomplishments I have faced, it is about my potential failure as a woman.  Everything about today’s society is based on how much we all fit into the  traditional family life.  Engagement with appropriate hoop-la, marriage with the bells and whistles, and punching out 2 children with a couple of Labradors in the yard.  The best part of all this is that many of us have felt at one point in time that it was okay to even ask about children.  When are you going to have some little humans?

I absolutely know that I have broken that cardinal Infertility rule.  I had no idea the devastation and blackness that it would cause.  The pang of emptiness that cannot be filled. 

Because I did not know, I want to do the best I can do raise awareness.  I believe education is power, regardless of how silly that sounds.  And I believe that this movement will eventually result in the better understanding and treatment of Infertility.  I know that not all will conquer Infertility, however temporary that might be, but I do know that we can better help those couples facing this monster. 

I have opted to participate in a blog share hosted by Our Crazy Ever After.  My partner in crime who will be hosting my story in the world of IF is Keep Calm and Sparkle.  This lovely lady should be posting our journey soon.  

My hope is that maybe someday the general public’s definition of family, both of how we build a family and what constitutes a family, will change.  My hope is that someday it won’t be the norm to hide our Infertility struggles.  

After all, we have never really fit that cookie cutter mold.  We own pibbles for heaven’s sake. 


7 thoughts on “Of Heartbreak and Sorrow: National Infertility Awareness Week”

      1. Everyone was positive. I was afraid of getting negative comments but I didn’t. Then I thought people who weren’t responding meant they had something negative to say. Then I realized I was overthinking it.

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