3 Hurdles…almost at the first vault

I love our RE office.  Adore them.  Our relationship with the staff could not have been more of a perfect fit.

This was never more evident then yesterday.

Immediately following my flight, I bopped on down to the office to get blood drawn for our 3rd beta and P4.  Naturally I have been the crazy newbie with all of this and, because I don’t have constant physical proof, I am persistently worried that things are not progressing.  It doesn’t help that the doctor in me immediately goes to research and statistics of the 1st trimester.  And as you all know there are some scary numbers out there.

Needless to say, I was really looking forward to the results of this beta.  Just to have that reassurance.

I was trying to patiently wait for Michelle to call but it hit about 4:45 pm.  The negative Nelly in me started piping up with her whorish mouth and I became intensely worried that maybe I hadn’t heard anything because it was bad.  Cause why else wouldn’t I have heard anything at all?  Crap.

Then my negative Nelly forced me to call.  The first thing Michelle says is that she is so sorry that she hadn’t called earlier because the computers were down.  In fact she was on the phone at that precise moment to call me.  Then she says that the numbers were mixed up and although she was pretty sure that was truly the case, she called the lab to be sure.  What?  Meaning the P4 number was reported as the beta.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that number was mighty small when my last beta was 1391.  Poor Michelle was panicking because if this number was correct, a miscarriage was likely eminent.

I almost vomited all over my newly cleaned living room.

Thankfully the lab had indeed recorded the data inappropriately.

Beta #3: 18,318

P4: 34.2

Ladies, I am pretty sure I would have died and as of now I am thankful for every ache and pinch I am feeling.  I now for sure don’t mind the odd GI stuff or the peeing always or that when Matilda, kitty meows, walked over my chest I kinda wanted to toss her to the floor.  I am even totally okay with the mild insomnia just because I can talk to the Junebug during the wee hours of the night.

One more hurdle is down.  Ultrasound is still set for next Tuesday at around 2pm.  I really would love to record anything we can.  It’ll be one way to control some of my fears.  And a way for us to keep one of the sweetest sounds we have ever heard.  Just so we can listen to it whenever we want to.


19 thoughts on “3 Hurdles…almost at the first vault”

    1. I cannot believe how worried I get! It’s truly awful. I had one more FRER in the house today and I couldn’t stop myself from marking it. That is how crazy I am. I am hoping once we are at that u/s maybe I’ll be able to just enjoy the moment more.

      I do know this. I am for sure not buying any more FRERs. Cause that will feed the crazy 😉

      1. Yeah, I did the POAS like crazy when I first got pregnant, which ended up in a miscarriage after 10 weeks. But, that one was off from the beginning just by going by the beta numbers that never doubled as they should have. This time around I didn’t do that ’cause it doesn’t proof anything. Just go by your great rising beta numbers. They are looking great and I’m sure everything’s fine. I’ve been where you are and the best you can do is when you have those doubting thoughts (I had and still have plenty of those) think of something good and try to distract yourself. I’m 15 weeks today and I’m still anxious at times wondering if everything’s going ok…go figure. Just try to ignore it and try to go from ultrasound to ultrasound. Don’t look up any statistics! And that’s an order…lol. Just keep thinking everything’s going to be ok. Deal with shit when it happens…that’s what I keep telling myself 😉 But your worrying is totally normal! Hugs!

  1. That’s so exciting! So happy to read this 🙂 we weren’t allowed to record anything at any of our ultrasounds (at our RE or our OB) so I am praying they let you because hearing that HB for the first time is simply breathtaking and I wish we had it on video!!

  2. Omg I was so worried reading this post at first. I’m so relieved it went well! Can’t wait to hear about your ultrasound Tuesday. Love your positivity about the negative side effects….I know you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment….even the less desirable ones, lol.

  3. so happy to hear you are getting good news. you are also so lucky to have a good fit with your RE and clinic. My RE is leaving the state this month, meaning no RE in the state at all anymore. There is one nurse practitioner who has agreed to prescribe meds, and dictate timing of IUIs based on ultrasound findings (done by a tech), and another OB who will do the IUI, but definitely less than ideal situation. In the short (but seemed long) 6 months I was at the RE office, my RE also went through 4 different nurses…talk about unstable!

  4. Wow, that’s a great number!! The first few weeks are the hardest. For me, things got easier after I was able to find the heartbeat on my home Doppler around 10 weeks. I don’t know if you’re planning to get one, but I recommend it. There’s still plenty I worry about, but it helps a lot. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks!!! I am both excited and nervous and trying to adjust to the entire idea. It’s weird how we all think that it really may never happen. I am so eagerly waiting for the u/s!!!

  5. I was crazy busy at the start of this week and I ‘m just catching up on this now! How scary!! I would have freaked out! So relieved it was just a lab error! Seriously wtf! Stellar numbers though! Everything is crossed for Tuesday hon!

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