Blizzard Beta 2

Clovis NM is not supposed to have weird winter storms in April but here we are. The best part of the entire process is that all locals and much of the military begins to drive in barely functional manners. Meaning that they drive either too fast or too slow and always erratically.

It’s whatever. Just give yourself tons of room in these cases. As in a couple semis worth.

I managed to get to that idiotic facility I referred to previously far before 7:30. Unfortunately there were tons of old people and those damn old people move fast when trying to get labs done! How is it possible that 3 geriatric individuals that are clearly arthritic beat a 31 yo doctor on a mission? Ladies, that is a serious question.

Then I waited for 45 minutes. While old couple ahead of me argued about an order for bloodwork. Dear old lady, your bad attitude is not appreciated and they can’t get orders from MD offices that don’t open until 8. Please quit being difficult. Old lady also apparently has a history of threatening to slap hospital employees. Real cute.

Finally the blood draw was perfect. Which is good cause my right arm feels like a meat cleaver was used to obtain blood.

And for the results:

Beta 1: 284

Beta 2: 1391

Feeling perfectly blissful right now.


20 thoughts on “Blizzard Beta 2”

    1. Ahhh, you are such a doll! I thrilled to even be able to share this with you! I was having a slight stress attack cause the cramps are a little less and not quite as frequent and all I could think was what if something isn’t quite right. But now I feel 100% better, I might even stop pissing on every pregnancy test I can feasibly buy. The u/s is the 28th, but I have another blood draw next monday. How are you feeling?

      1. Yeah…safe your money on the pregnancy tests…all you need is these excellent betas. Can’t wait for your ultrasound! Everything you feel from now on is pretty much normal. As long as you don’t have heavy cramping with bleeding you are just fine! I’ve got my good and bad days. On my bad days I’ve got the all day nausea and on my good days I feel like a human again πŸ™‚ Right now is a weird time ’cause I had my last ultrasound almost 2 weeks ago and won’t have my next one until next week. So in between I’m thinking to myself “anybody still in there?”. Just take it easy, don’t lift too heavy and stay away from cat litter! Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚

    1. Hey good luck, lady! I’ll be sending some wicked fertile vibes your way! I kinda hate the whole IUI process but that shit works, so onward and upward. Lemme know how it goes. I’d love having another doc to swap preg stories with:) And thanks! I’m still hella nervous but trying to chill until the u/s. BFP dust, chica!!!!!!!

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