A Veterinarian’s Rage




Today was beta day.  And I have been pleasantly happy of late, nervous about every cramp, but really great otherwise.   I have also been utilizing every pregnancy stick I can find.  All of them, all of the brands.

So you can imagine my anxiousness about getting this pesky blood drawing business out of the way.  First of all because blood draws make me want to shrivel up and die and second because we just want that absolutely for sure number.  Especially the Hubs.  He is being so cautious about his excitement…I have only caught one brief smile thus far.  The poor man is just so worried that the blood test might prove to be false.

I drove to the only lab in this icky little NM town that can do a stat beta first thing in the morning.  Hours say 7:30 am -6 pm.  I wait until 7:36 and the doors have yet to be opened.  So I leave mildly irritated in order to be able to check in my 7:45 surgery patients.

I come back to said facility at 12:10, thinking that it won’t matter if the draw is a little bit later.  I end up waiting for an hour and 1/2 while sitting in a waiting room with 2 screaming toddlers and a family of like 1,000.  I seriously want to explode at this point.  Fortunately just before I lose my sanity I am called back for the sample.  Unfortunately the tech is miserable at blood draws, resulting in 2 needles and me even having to feel the vessel to direct her.  I wanted to vomit.  I can do surgery and draw blood and do all of the things on animals but to see that needle really made me want to panic.

Just before I scurry away from the lab of horrors, I verify that the results will be available today.  I also verify that I can access those results either at the lab or via phone.

Turns out that although the lab hours say until 6 they really mean 5:30.   Weird that 6 was listed on the bloody door.

Meaning that although I was at the parking lot at 5:34 they had already locked the doors.  And when I tried to contact the main branch for results even though they can say that the lab was completed they cannot give me the results over the phone.  Or online.  Or by fax.  The lady said she can’t give anything to me unless I have a medical license.  Of course my response was, um, yes I am a doctor with a license…turns out that didn’t work out in my favor either.

The best part was when I happened to see them letting a patient leave the building as I was complaining to corporate.  I waved and the employee basically gave me the bird and locked the door in my face.

I seriously lost my mind.  This is silly and ridiculous and I have no idea why I was so upset.  But I wanted to do something destructive or crazy, probably both.  It infuriates me that I can run a CBC, serum chemistry, radiographs, ECG, UA, give those results with interpretation as well as schedule an elective surgical procedure on the same patient for the very next day yet this lab cannot efficiently draw blood or give patient access to results.

Needless to say, beta results will be acquired come hell or high water tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “A Veterinarian’s Rage”

  1. Lol at this story. I know it’s not funny, but it sort of is. Sorry you didn’t get your results today, I’m sure you’re both anxious to get that number! Hoping for excellent results tomorrow!!

  2. Lately I have little patience for any sort of shenanigans and this kind of horse shit surely would have sent me over the edge. I’m sorry this lab is putting you through such crap. You’ll get it tomorrow, of that I am certain!

  3. Grr I feel frustrated just reading this. I think I would have had a screaming, foot stamping toddler tantrum in the car park!

  4. First of all… the text is the most adorable thing I have ever read and the progressive pee-sticks look AWESOME!!!! Secondly… I would want to burn that lab down. Holy shit would I be furious! I think you handled everything very well all things considering. I can’t wait for you to update on the numbers today. I bet they are going to be just perfect! Still so happy for you girlie!!! xoxo

  5. I would have been furious…lol…probably the German in me coming through 😉 I was just as anxious when I got my first beta result. Just keep thinking “all is good”. I can understand your husbands cautious reaction. My hubby was just the same especially after my miscarriage last year. From the beginning even after the 3rd beta he told me not to get too excited. Love those strong sticks! So freakin’ excited for you!

  6. Something funny on the side…when I first read your post I thought your title said “A Vegetarian’s Rage” and when I was reading your post I thought to myself “what an odd title” until I realized it said “A Veterinarian’s Rage”….DOH!

  7. Ah! I would have completely lost it! What a bunch of A-holes!! Great screen image of your text to your hubby though. So sweet and those progressing lines look great hon, but I know the beta will make it more real. Hope you get the results soon! Everything is crossed!

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