I had pretty much talked myself out of yesterday’s urine party results. Mostly because those silly sticks were from 2002, or something, around the time when the Hubs and I were frantically preventing little humans. I just happened to find them and felt like they needed to be marked.

So today I got up early to go to a silly base appointment and had nothing to test with so just did my morning business. On the ways back, I had the neurotic urge to drive anywhere to buy a FRER just to see. Cause once you broke the seal and all. Then I got home and sneakily snuck to the bathroom so the Hubs wouldn’t have more judging ammo.

And I think it might be truly a BFP. Holy. Buckets. I didn’t know what to do and took a 2 mile jog (with a soft j) with the puppies.

I think I’m in shock.


74 thoughts on “Surreal”

    1. Hahahaha, I like that you like the yog πŸ˜‰ Thank you, girl! I literally almost crapped my pants…I felt like maybe this one was different, but you know how you think that about every cycle! This is amazing and I cannot wait until I hear your news too. And your u/s had the best of news! Yay!!

      1. Is that an anchorman thing? I can’t remember! Lol, yea I feel like every time is different…..but maybe I’ll feel it when it really is. Regardless, I’m just so happy for you! Thank you, hoping #4 is the one for me too!!

    1. Oh, I cannot even believe it! There is actually another itty bitty with me and that is one heck of a heady feeling. I just want that beta to be perfect! How are you doing? Feeling okee dokee?

      1. Things are good, still mid-break but about to start the BCP and get my protocol next week. Shits about to get real πŸ™‚ I’m feeling ready! All these BFPs going around are making me feel so hopeful!

    1. Thanks! I am so very stoked and nervous and I cannot even believe it! It’s like a dream that I have never had before and is perfect. And hopefully it won’t end anytime soon!

    1. Thanks, girl! I am so wicked stoked too! I cannot even believe it! Have y’all leaned towards a donor yet? I have a feeling this donor change is really going to do the trick.

  1. I don’t know why but my screen doesn’t show any pictures so I can’t see the pink lines… but I’mm take theunexpectedtrip’s word for it. Congrats!

      1. Thanks for thinking about me! Yes I haven’t packed yet but am definitely wrapping things up at work so I can leave for three weeks. I am so happy for you! Hoping for an uneventful pregnancy for you. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks!!! I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. I took a shower while I was waiting just so I wouldn’t stare at the stupid stick and saw that second line and walked out stark naked and said, word for word: Honey, I think we might actually be knocked up. He hadn’t even really woken up yet. I wanted to surprise him too! He is being reserved until the beta which is prolly smart. How are you doing today, love?

    1. 3rd time with this protocol and Doc P! So yes ma’am =) The beta is Thursday and you can bet your bottom dollar I am already praying all that I can it will come back perfectly. I am a tad nervous, worried that minor cramps might be something else bad, worried if I feel nothing, worried that everything feels kinda full in the ol’ abdomen. I am trying to just be happy right now though, cause what will be will be, right?

      1. Yup. Try to ignore those cramps and stuff. It’s probably the baby just implanting. Can’t wait ’til Thursday! When I had my first beta I was so freakin’ nervous. When my nurse finally called me that day with the result my heart was jumping out of my chest…that’s how nervous I was. Roll on Thursday πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Sasha! Can you even believe it?! I just want that beta on Thursday will give us a perfect number! I really just don’t want anything to go wrong! Have y’all heard anything at all? I know equals doesn’t come out until end of April or May, right, but maybe a little bird told you something?

      1. You are so sweet to even be thinking about us and where we are headed! This is your bright and shiny double pink lined moment!! Praying for perfect numbers all the way through!!!

    1. Thanks love! The beta is Thursday and I am really hoping it also has some amazing news. I hear you might go to Alaska, huh? That sounds incredible! The Hubs and I would kill to go to Alaska! And I know you both have a lot of irons in the fire…one of them will bring amazing news though. I am banking on it!

  2. Holy Macaroni!! Praise God!!! I remember the one and only time I saw a positive it was on day 12…everything before was a negative! Pee again tomorrow πŸ™‚

    1. I am peeing on everything that might give me a result in the next couple days. I think the worst part of this all is knowing this is just the beginning, that so many little pieces need to fit together perfectly. I keep just looking at that stick to verify it really has a line! Beta is Thursday though…so far away, it seems, although it’s all of 2 days =) Thank you lovely lady! Thank you for your prayers and love!

      1. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong or need to go right and just live in the “now” and that everything is going great now! hugs!

    1. I seriously about had a literal heart-attack!! I am scheduled for the beta on Thursday, so a couple days away. I am really, really, REALLY hoping it comes back with more incredible news. Thank you so very much! My heart wants to explode with happiness =)

    1. I am so happy to give you hope…I think that with some IUI is just enough to get things working right. I was really struggling with that idea too. What if we would be jumping the gun with IVF if IUI would work? And, doll, you have no idea how much I am always praying for you and your hubby!! How is he doing now?

    1. Thanks!! I am pretty stoked, floating between crazy excitement and the nerves before the beta on Thursday. Really hoping to have some awesome news then too!! How are you doing?

      1. That was supposed to say little one πŸ™‚ I’m so very teenage girl happy for you hon!

    1. I was seriously shocked. You know that feeling it will never happen to you. How could it? Definitely not a teeny bopper. Definitely not a traditional wife. But damned if it isn’t a positive. Thanks so much, lady! The beta is scheduled for Thursday, so I’ll have to squeeze that in before surgery drop-offs. Without letting boss man know what is up. I really don’t plan on announcing the news at work for some time. I can avoid rads and sucking on iso…that’s what my amazing techs are for, right? When is #2 going down? And when are you getting a daman vacay! That last surgery sounded like a giant bitch. And definitely not a fun, challenging hussy πŸ˜‰

      1. I’m cd5 into what hopes to be IUI round 2. We’ll see how it goes, I’m struggling with trying to get the pharmacy to mail me (perk of living in Alaska, limited meds at local pharamacies) my injectables in time to use them for this cycle, so who knows.

        hoping this is your turn….i wouldn’t announce it for awhile either. I’m sure people in my office wonder what’s up though with all the times i have “appointments” and don’t say what they are for.

        keep us posted!

  3. Awwwwwwwww!! So excited for you! I wish I could see the pic, it’s not showing up on my end either. It certainly sounds like there’s a beautiful pink line there! Try not to worry (though I know it’s totally hard — I was one big ball o’ stress with my rainbow pregnancy… worried about every little thing and also not wanting to let myself get excited). I was so sure I was out the cycle I got pregnant on our third IUI cycle with the Femara/Gonal-F protocol. Had spotting the day before AF was supposed to show (typical) and felt weird pinching sensations which I thought were cramps. The next day the spotting stopped, so that’s when I took a test. Found out at exactly four weeks after the IUI and didn’t start feeling symptoms until at least six weeks. I’m sure you will rock your beta tomorrow!!!

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