Doctors always rock at interpreting tests

Cause I sure do. I am BRILLIANT at reading any results. False. This is why I rely on my technicians.

I caved and POAS. I don’t know what to think except these are crappy tests. And it’s only the night of 11dpIUI.

At least I don’t feel out of the game yet.


20 thoughts on “Doctors always rock at interpreting tests”

  1. I got a fainy but obvious positive on that test at 13dpo! Much darker at 15dpo…and of course I backed it up with a pink dye test just to be sure. ..looks positive to me!

  2. Um, I totally see a line there!! Will be waiting on pins and needles with for you to pee on a FRER and let us know what it shows! I have everything crossed for you, really hoping this is it.

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