On the downhill slide

9dpIUI.  And I am feeling just fine.  Maybe some cramps, maybe nothing, and I am okay with whatever.  For some crazy reason I have been chilling with this 2WW.  I am just focusing on the crazy of the clinic and getting all sorts of excited for a Girls Only weekend on the 18th.  I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED FOR IT!!!  You see, I am truly a veterinary surgeon at heart and made besties with the surgeons at ISU CVM.  And that weekend is likely going to be one of the last easy get togethers that we will have.  Hopefully I will also get to laugh at the stressed out and crazy vet students too.  It will be an epic weekend.  If I am not knocked up, this girl is going to party like she is still in undergrad. 

And then take the next month to recover…it’ll be fine 😉

Back to the 2WW issue at hand.  I will likely POAS at 12dpIUI and continue until the beta just so I have a heads up if it is negative.  I still feel pretty great about it and I still think it may have worked but that is really based on nothing of substance.  I am just trying to be positive.  Because in honesty how many woman even have any clue if they are at this point in the game?  I will say that I have been pretty exhausted but it’s also that time of the year and work is crazy.  Regardless everything will be okee dokee because if this cycle is a bust, one will be a BFP at some point.  There is no reason not.  The Hubs and I did have the talk about injectables versus IVF not that long ago, so at least we have some direction for the next step.  The more I think about it, the more I really want to consider IVF just to bypass failed IUIs.  Right now, though, just focusing on today. 

I hope all you lovelies are doing just fine and big CONGRATS to the BFPs out there!  That makes me so happy! 


11 thoughts on “On the downhill slide”

  1. I so want you to have your bfp! I want to drag you down with me…lol. Luckily you have your professional calling that keeps you busy most of the time and that Girls only weekend doesn’t sound too shabby either 😉 Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Whatever the magic potion of calmness is, I hope it keeps on flowing for the next few days. I wish we could bottle that elusive feeling when it comes around and have it on hand for the really crap times. I’m glad you’re feeling positive, I feel positive for you too!

  3. I am so hoping this is the one for you, I really like your outlook- and you’re right! You Will be a mother whether it’s this time or another. Baby will come at the perfect time!

  4. I love how calm you are. I’m feeling the same way now that I’m officially in the 1dpo 🙂 Honestly though, I think a feeling about it means more than symptom spotting. Hope you don’t even need to worry about your next step and it’s positive this cycle.

  5. Hey lady that get-together sounds ridiculously fun! So good to have something to look forward to–regardless of the outcome of this cycle. Though I hope you are unable to drink at this event (because, you know…) XOXO

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