Answer: What is a pyometra?

I’ll tell you what…a totally preventable surgical emergency.  Also known as the massively and grossly infected uterus of an older female dog.  Folks, this is 100% preventable by spaying our pets.  And although an ovariohysterectomy is potentially an expensive procedure it is definitely not as expensive as the grand that is needed for this emergency surgery.  Interestingly enough about 1/4 of all middle-aged bitches (I really just wanted to type that word 😉 ) will likely be affected by this condition.  All the more reason to advocate surgically altering our companion pets!!

Well.  This doc cut on her first pyometra as of yesterday.  Thankfully I believe that her cervix was mostly open until just prior to her presentation which allowed for the purulent, bacterially ridden material an out.  Otherwise, as you can imagine, the uterus continues to fill with that garbage making it extremely friable and causing the pet to acquire a septic peritonitis which results in around a 40% mortality even with surgery.  This particular patient did have a fairly dramatic increase in her neutrophils but had not crossed that line of either inappropriately reaching for baby neutrophils and had not come even close to sequestering those white blood cells in the uterus.  As a result, her prognosis, even at 10yo, was a great surgical candidate.  And she did wonderfully under anesthesia and during recovery.

I would call this a win.  Cases like this make me stoked.  It sucks that this could have been prevented, but she’ll be able to spend a few more years with her people.  So yay!

Beyond that really awesome and fun surgery (I had been craving a decent challenge!), work has been so blah.  We are still very busy, still have a decent caseload, but all I can see is how far the Hubs and I are falling behind everyone.  New babies, new homes, new orders…and we just are.  I just drive from work and see the emptiness of the High Plains of New Mexico and dream of the beauty of home.  More than visiting/living back in the Northwest, I really, really just want a change to look forward to.  Anything at all.  I just feel so stagnant here.  And I shouldn’t.  The Hubs and I finally live together, we live in a wonderful house on base, I have a great job (with a raise coming soon, hopefully!), our critters are cute…but what if we are here in NM forever?!?!  The Hubs cannot just call it quits on the Air Force because he already has 10 years in and that would be ridiculous to just give up his retirement.

I think I am just furious because April is indeed our 5-year anniversary on this base and there is still no end in sight.  If he has to go to Korea for that year unaccompanied tour in order for us to get orders, I might lose my fool mind.  I am absolutely not kidding.

In other news, today is 5dpIUI.  Guess what?  Nothing too exciting is going on in the baby parts department.  I do have a little bit of cramping, but it might just be from the spicy lunch I had.  Otherwise I am just trying to not stress too much and just keep ignoring this whole 2WW hell.  Naturally I still feel pretty okee dokee about our shot this month, but that might also change next week when I begin panicking.  God sure has a funny sense of humor, making early pregnancy signs pretty much exactly like premenstrual symptoms.  Almost 1/2 way there, at least.

One thing for us all to happy about…the lack of April Fools pregger announcements at least in our neck of the woods.  I have actually seen at least 2 posts about how it is not funny to post fake crap like that.  I was impressed.

Hope all of you lovelies are doing well…thinking of you all!

15 thoughts on “Answer: What is a pyometra?”

  1. You sound so sophisticated with your vet lingo 😉 So cool 🙂 Happy for the dog though 🙂 I hope this IUI will work and I agree with you about stupid symptoms…PMS and pregnancy symptoms are cruelly the same…grrr. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you as always ❤

      1. Yeah…that’s what I was hoping, too. My hubby was already joking that I might be one of those who have it the entire pregnancy…I gave him the “angry” look and told him I would take the nausea drug then if that were the case. I’m trying to avoid meds whenever I can (and I haven’t taken none so far), but I do have my limits. Hopefully the nausea will die down the next week or two…knock on wood!

  2. Hi lovely! Not too much longer and your tww will be over! Remember, you are pregnant until proven other wise 😉

    1. This one worked…I want to bet on it, but I am trying to be neutral as much as possible. How are you and your man and Goldilocks doing? I know she is wearing you down a little, like all small people do to me!

      1. I did…and I totally laughed at the situation! Because I do that every single time I am with my siblings’ kids. I have 0 energy and get my butt worked the entire time! I heart you, lady, and am sending you strength mixed with chocolate 😉

  3. Ugh, come on people, like Bob Barker always said – spay and neuter your pets! And the symptoms fake out is such crap, I always hate how much I look into everything during the evil TWW. Here’s hoping that this cycle totally works and that you guys get to leave NM for a better place soon!

  4. Oh wow! You’re a superstar for helping that pup and it’s family!! If your husband does end up in Korea unaccompanied (and I’m hoping for your sake he doesn’t) , maybe you could visit and we could meet! 🙂 That would be sweet! 😉 And I am so hopeful for you this time around!! I am just crossing my fingers and waiting for the post with positive news!!

  5. I get reeeel ugly with people who don’t take proper care of their pets. Don’t get an animal if you can’t commit to taking care of it until the end, simple. Good luck staying neutral during the wait, I know the next week is the worst part. I hope this is it!

  6. So glad the surgery went well! And relieved for the dog. I’m sorry you’re feeling down and stagnant. Hopefully things will change soon with a BFP! Praying you get good news in a week!

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