Logistics of IUI 4

First, I love you all.  I am going to very selfishly say that I am so wicked happy to have found this community.  Knowing that there was such a strong community of wonderful peeps wishing us luck and magical spermie power makes things so much better!  Thank you so very much, lovelies!!!!

As for the turkey bastering.  I would say it all went decently well.  I definitely was a bit more crampy due to the trigger, but I didn’t want to pull a Dr. House move and remove my reproductive organs like with IUI 2.  We did end up having to wait quite a bit of time which made the Hubs want to have a nuclear meltdown (“They will die!!!!”).  Which in reality was only all of 30 extra minutes or so.  Dear Hubs, those swimmers are not spun glass for Pete’s sake.  I did have a ridiculously full bladder which pretty much engulfed the u/s screen and I truly did almost pee myself. 

The report for the Hubs said swimmers was a bit less in motile numbers than last time, but still well over the cut-off and they did have more progressive motility than previously.  As he said, it was like those chosen few were on a mission.  I know that stresses the Hubs out even more especially since he has made some pretty drastic changes in his diet and working out habits.  His feeling is that these changes would have resulted in He-man super sperm however I did cautiously mentioned that it takes several months for those changes to actually affect spermatogenesis.  The Hubs response was some huffing and glaring.  I think he likes it when I take on the doctor tone.  Must turn him on or something.  

The only gross part of the process was the brief mention of the discussion should this fail.  At this point we would be at the junction of either potentially adding more amazing injectables or potentially discussing IVF.  I am really scared of both of these options.  You all know how I secretly love and caress all needles and both of these options would result in more love and caressing.  I can’t handle so much love!!!  On top of this there would be significant more financial involvement and I am pretty sure that I would have to eventually buy bigger pants.  Hormones tend to make my butt larger, ya know?  

So, seriously, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know if we would be jumping the gun with even considering IVF.  I don’t know if we truly are candidates for IVF…like maybe this IUI and voodoo stuff might work eventually.  Talking with the Hubs about it, he is leaning towards injectables with IUI, with maybe a break after, and a cycle or 2 of IVF.  I am happy to know that he is thinking about this and game to move forward but I really don’t want to jump the gun.  And I do not want to continuing making my damn cycles the backbone to which any life plans must be made upon.  But let’s be honest, although we are young (ish) between the military and that whole aging thing we can’t play around with this too much.  I absolutely know that deployments will eventually begin to screw things up. 

I am just HOPING that it doesn’t come to that.  Because that all makes me a little scared.   

32 thoughts on “Logistics of IUI 4”

  1. Hoping you don’t have to worry about any of that and this cycle is it! Sending you extra prayers hon ❤

  2. I don’t know that there’s a “bad” candidate for IVF. My RE told me that the majority of IVFs he does has more to do with male factors than female. If you get tired of waiting, want to take control of the situation, and are ready to take on the scary challenge, go for it!

    You are right tho, buy new pants. Seriously none of my pants fit. Leggings have become my new best friends.

    1. I know that the majority of our issues is prolly male factor, and so no matter how much I ovulate still need those swimmers to make the deal even work. So it totally makes sense! I think we will actually look into the finances of it if this one does not work…Tomorrow is your big day though! I hope there is a boatload of eggs! Take it easy on yourself!

  3. I hope this works for you! I don’t think you’re jumping the gun in considering IVF. We had decided on IVF even before we tried the one IUI. And I never did injectables before IVF. We all have different reasons for choosing the treatments we choose, including skipping over certain ones. For us, we were sick of wasting time and money on things we knew wouldn’t work. We figured if the big gun IVF didn’t work, that would be our “sign” that having a biological child wasn’t in the cards.

    1. This is how I feel too. I did 3 rounds of iui in monitored just on clomid and no dice so normally the next step would be monitored cycles with injectables but for me I just think what’s the point? We’re dealing with MFI so now matter how “hard” I ovulate, if he doesn’t have enough good swimmers it’s not ever going to matter. So it’s looking like ivf is in the cards. Also, like you say, it would be a waste of money on more unsuccessful IUIs. But then in my head I have that war… What if it would work and we blew past it to does thousands on ivf. So tricky. Now that I’ve rambled enough on someone else’s blog, best wishes to you ladies!

      1. This is the worst internal war ever. I just want to be done with this part of our journey and not to keep dragging out the crap. Maybe IVF would be the way to do that. I don’t know. I wish I did have an 8-ball that would just give me the damn answers! We’ll get there, right, and if not life will still be perfect the way it is.

    2. You are absolutely right. I am just scared of it. I almost feel like this whole IF thing is an accident, like we just happened upon this journey. IVF is so big, the entire concept. Thanks lady, and me too!

  4. Really hoping you don’t have to worry about this either! Hoping & praying that this was the one for you guys!!! Good luck with your 2ww. Be good to yourself!!!

      1. Happy to hear that! Hoping this is your last wait. Thanks!! Just excited to be taking it to the next level. Lol, baby making 2.0.

  5. It is so tricky, balancing the hope for current treatment with practical talk of the next step… Hoping hard you won’t have to worry about IVF ! Power to the turkey baster xxx

  6. I was in your shoes just a month or so ago. Sending all of my positive thoughts to you, and hoping that you won’t have to make the difficult decision of whether or not to go to IVF because this cycle is it for you 🙂

    1. Thanks, lady. It’s such a hard choice, especially when your RE does admit that we would likely, at some point, conceive without IVF. I wonder if that really means at the age of 40 😦

      1. I know! Mine told us we could keep trying naturally and “most” couples are successful in approx four years. And I was like… But we’ve already been trying for six! No decisions are easy with this stuff..

    1. Thanks lady…and me too. I am just at loss about even knowing how to proceed with the next step should there be one. How are you doing…I know you have a metric ton of in-law family stuff and I know you need tons of hugs right now!! Know that I am thinking of you!

  7. I stumbled onto your blog recently and have been struck by how similar our stories are. My husband and I are a military couple battling against unexplained infertility with a “slight” male factor. We are currently in the TWW of our 4th IUI cycle; our last two cycles have been within a day of yours. I am so thankful for your posts which have given me comfort in knowing that my husband and I are not alone in this struggle. Sending you best wishes and thanks.

    1. Well, hello fellow milspouse! I am so glad that you found my ramblings! I hope that number 4 is the lucky number for you both. And please know that I thank you both for your service! If you ever need someone to bounce life issues off or just to vent, I’m here!

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