Achy, Breaky Ovaries

CD11.  Mid-cycle ultrasound for IUI 4 is now in the books. 

Before I go into my day, I have to say i HATED that gonal f injection.  It did not hurt, the needles was quite stubby, but it was 1 ml of fluid and that stressed me out.  At one point I thought the plunger was stuck and I panicked.  How the hell was I going to stick myself again?!?!  Turns out I was being a sissy but come on.  Injections are scary business!  I even had a glass of wine after to quiet my freaky, baby self. 

As for today I actually enjoyed the ride in.  All 2 hours of it.  I listened to Micheal Jackson and desperately wondered why he had to kick it because I bet he was a blast to watch in concert.  I also listened to Steven Tyler and kinda wished he was my boyfriend.  Not because he is sexy, because that is a false and weird statement, but because if I birthed a child by him I bet I could get my student loans paid off.  I know that is also weird and I am not proud that I think such things. 


Lining between 6.9 to 7.8 mm.  This is a huge improvement from the normal 6.1.  I guess the doc did know what she was talking about with that second, icky injection.  I was definitely going to be a crazy patient and demand to know her exact reasoning.  Thankfully the crazy train left the station without me.

Left ovary had 1 follicle worth triggering for and the Righty had 2, one that is ripe for the picking and the second sitting at around 15mm.  So theoretically we have a potential of 3 follies for this cycle. 


Trigger at 1 am in the bloody morning.  That is a dumb time, I am sad it even exists but that also means that we don’t have to leave town until 9:30 am on Thursday.  Much, much better than leaving at 5 am.  We are again to have that really cool thing called timed intercourse today, which the Hubs again questioned me about.  Does he really think I am lying?  What man questions having sexy time?!?

I am pretty stoked about this cycle and today’s big reveal just makes me more happy.  Yay, y’all! 

One more thing.  As the ultrasound was in mid wanding, I kept thinking that, first, please don’t let anything particularly embarrassing escape down yonder.  I had a few diet changes recently that just make things more active.  Second, those ovaries are sensitive little buggers!  We have to learn to palpate cows for pregnancy during vet school.  Part of that process is rectally grabbing the cervix and pulling the reproductive tract towards you.  Once that is done, then you find the ovaries and palpate them.  I bet that shit hurt cause the wand hits some pretty sensitive lady bits.  No wonder they wanted to kick us.

36 thoughts on “Achy, Breaky Ovaries”

  1. Lmao about your Michael Jackson & Steven Tyler comments, you had me dying!! I’m so happy things went well today, but sorry you hated the shots so much! Hoping that was it. Good luck with the trigger tonight, and IUI Thursday! I’m so happy and excited for you!!

      1. Lol!! If only. He probably has no sperm left bc of all the partying. Plus, would you really want a kid that looked like him?? Lol.

  2. Your Steven Tyler comment made me laugh out loud. Yay for triggering and good follicles and will be thinking of you (not at 1 am though, I hope to be fast asleep at that time).

    1. The bad thing is I really do think those things! I feel like I am an odd person and I try to hide that from the Hubs as much as possible. But I think he still knows. Whatever, he questioned having sexy time so I am way more normal 😉

      1. We are exhausted! She has blossomed so much since being here and now she talks 24/7 and bounces off the walls. And she is picking up my mannerisms. Some are cute…some not so much. Like when she points her finger at me and says “me talking to Dan!!!” She got finger pointing from me :/

    1. There is nothing like being shoulder deep in a warm cow rectum and palpating in the middle of an Iowa winter…which tends to sit at negative degrees all of the time. I know that sounds super awkward, but that is a wonderful warm place ;). Oh the life of James Herriot!

  3. This all sounds awesome (other than that cow thing-that just sounds gross). Crossing my fingers for you!

    Also, can you tell me why my Labrador has the most terrible and frequent farts? I’m slowly transitioning him to a senior grain free food to see if it helps, but man oh man. He can run me out of the house.

    I am queen of non sequiturs.

    1. Hahaha… Dog gas is awful! I would bet it’s the food or treats. I would cut out all the treats and see how he does on the new diet. Usually that’ll help. Check for the primary protein though too. If he is sensitive to a particular protein i would also want to see it he had the same issue on a different protein.
      I can’t wait for some awesome news for you!!

  4. I heart MJ. Seeing him in concert was on my bucket list… Until he kicked the bucket. And my husband always questions on demand sexy time. It ain’t sexy when it’s doctor prescribed.

    1. Thanks, chica…and me too. And my toes. I have such an easy, positive feeling about this, like it will just be the cycle, and I am really, really hoping that it does.

  5. Haha, boys! They want it all the time, but not when they’re told they have to. Seriously, their job is so easy!

    It sounds like everything is right on track! Yay! Sending you so many positive thoughts hon! I hope this is it!

    1. I judged him. And then I asked if I needed a permission slip in the future. He subsequently judged. Oh the joys of being married, right 😉
      I really, really hope this works out…I am hoping that all of this feeling that it will work out isn’t for naught…

      1. Ugh! Yes, I know what you mean! But honestly, I don’t blame you for judging him at all! Silly boys! I hope so too hon. Everything is crossed!

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