“What if”

I wanted to save this post mostly for myself. But I also feel like we all need to think this sometimes. What if will happen…we must always strive to believe this.

A Calm Persistence

The break has been hard on me- the break we had to take in May for a few months when we were waiting for my hormones to balance and the recent break we took after all the failed Clomid cycles while I was doing acupuncture.

The world hasn’t stopped on my account. My friends are now moving on with their second and third child, newlyweds are moving on with their first child, and even many of my fellow IF blogging friends are moving on without me (which is so awesome).. not that I’m not happy for everyone, I am. I don’t think anyone should ever have to endure so much heartache… I just wish it was different for me, which I’m sure everyone understands this. I am happy for them.

So, I wait for CD1 to arrive; if it’s late we’ll be out this cycle because my husband has to…

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