Rolling in the dough

False.  That is a false statement.  Pretend baby is rolling in the dough.  We have definitely been forking out cash for each IUI but have now officially transitioned into the world of paying for drugs.  And they are not even exciting, illegal/legalized, trippy types of drugs.  But get this, if we were doing timed sexy time these same drugs would be covered by our insurance.

Damn you Tricare and your ridiculous policies about “unnatural” treatments.  You can go jump off the nearest cliff.

I know we have a lot that is in our favor.  We both have jobs, we do have some support from insurance, we are healthy.  Our 4-leggers are ridiculously cute…blah, blah.  But the more that we struggle with this journey and the more that we come to terms with the fact that Tricare has completely insane policies on reproductive treatment, the more irate I become.  And this anger grows exponentially when I see how many couples have multitudes of children all of whom have been cared for without a question by Tricare.  All we want is help to have one.  One that really, truly might be our only one because I am 32 and the Hubs is 34 and paying for college education is getting to be outrageous.

Just one, Tricare.  I know you pay for cosmetic surgeries, i.e. larger bra sizes, so why can you not give us a bone?  Even a little bone once in awhile.

Student loans hit this month (bye bye 1500 a month) and pretend baby is also getting a bit more greedy.  So, guess who is going to be on the phone with Freedom Fertility Pharmacy today?  I am going to for sure enjoy a beer tonight.  And pizza.  And one of those Reeses eggs.

29 thoughts on “Rolling in the dough”

    1. I HATE Tricare sometimes. I am so thankful that we have some insurance but the way the company refuses to provide support in cases like ours makes me so irate. How are you and the hubby doing? I’ve been thinking of you!

  1. Im all in for the pizza & cinna sticks too <— My fav when im stressed out! Insurance companies are hard to deal. Sending prayers your way!

  2. What freaking fracking decade do you live in, Tricare? That is just enraging and am sorry you are dealing with something so insulting. You deserve the same coverage and care as anyone else. Good luck with the phone calls—beer is a fantastic idea.

    1. Hahahaha, you make me smile, especially cause of all the exciting things that are happening!! I love the term unnatural, I think it’s my word of the day 😉 Might as well smile as much as I can about it all…and beers make better smiles!

    1. Huh…I might just take that advice. It would be nice, especially since I know there are certainly other military spouses in our boat. Did you have specific paperwork/protocol that you had to follow? Or repeated complaints?

      1. Two appeal letters. First one was denied based on lack if medical proof of necessity. The second I went out of my way to make sure every doctor I’ve seem for fertility had basically my whole file sent to the Heath insurance agency along with a descriptive and bluntly worded letter by me stating why they had their heads up their asses on this. lol sometimes you just have to appeal appeal appeal or file suit. It’s worth it in the long run.

  3. Wait.. what??? They pay for cosmetic surgeries?!? But won’t pay for you to grow your family.. what is wrong this our world?! Beer, pizza, and a Reeses egg sound like a great way to deal with all of that! I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this! Ugh!

    1. They sure will! Isn’t that hilarious? I love that they will pay for meds for timed sexy time but somehow IUI makes the meds different. Activates a magical power like on a video game. Weird that the meds do that 😉

  4. I recently calculated, that before starting our first IUI cycle (essentially just work up to that point) we has spent just under 10,000 dollars. That number is sickening to me, even typing it now. Now, halfway through an IUI cycle, I’m realizing that if we do 3 cycles it will come close to another 10,000. In less than a year. Craziness.

    1. I didn’t know you had the pleasure of AIs! A whole different perspective into baby-making, huh? How many have you done? Oh, good luck, lady! It’s so hard to know we have chosen to wait because of vet school and being responsible adults, to just have these struggles. I am always thinking maybe it was silly to have waited. I hope this is your cycle!

  5. So sorry you have the added stress of dealing with Tri-care. I know it can be very stressful. When we decided to do IVF in Korea, there were only two fertility clinics in the country to choose from, one that accepted tricare for some medication (if worded correctly by the Dr) and the other that did not deal with Tri-care at all and everything is out of pocket. We chose the latter and I have no regrets. I think it would be extra stressful to me to have to be on the phone, getting transferred from person to person, department this and that to try and investigate and have the Dr word things properly so Tri-care would cover it- it just wasn’t worth it to me! I hope your pizza and beer are extra satisfying! 🙂

    1. Tricare makes me so furious. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to work with, especially for unique circumstances. Especially with IF. And the beer/pizza was amazing!

  6. Tricare is ridonkulous–I likewise hate my insurance company, particularly the prescription coverage. Evil nonsensical bastards. Pizza is good. I can’t advocate beer because I’m suffering PTSD from a hangover that is still sort of hanging. Student loans are also evil and I live in fear of Sallie Mae. My kids had better be smart and/or athletic (re: get scholarships) because by the time they are in college nobody will be able to afford it! XOXO

      1. Well I have my moments, but generally I’m feeling less negative and emotional. But the pregnancy announcements just keep comin’! Slightly bitter. Ok pretty damn bitter. But not at you. XO

      2. Girl, pregnancy announcements make me so irrationally irate that I have to actually hide it from Dan. Like actually talk myself out of the crazy. I just miss being with my vet school friends that just drank porch beers and studied. And sure did NOT have babies and inadvertently rub it in my face because I suck at being a proper damn woman. The cool thing is I don’t tend to have a proper outlet to deal with my sadness and so I either eat or take it out on the Hubs. Whatevs times 10,000.

      3. Continue being angry, but don’t eat (well, maybe just order chicken wings with a boatload of bleu cheese on Friday night, *ahem*). Go to the gym. I mean, cuz what is a proper outlet anyways (besides blogging)? At least the gym will balance out the weight/bloat from the damn cycles–I dunno about you, but I did 3 IUI’s back-to-back and by the time they were done I was like “Geezus, what have I become?!” So, although I’m bloated on the meds, at least if I’m not preggo I won’t feel like a whale post-cycle. I wish the same for you my friend. XO

  7. I had to switch to Tricare Standard and get a primary insurance through my job to get anything covered. Makes me so pissed when I know they pay for botox (not for headaches or sweating, BTW). Feeling your outrage, m’dear. Enjoy that beer! 😉

    1. Thanks, lady! The beer was amazing, and the pizza too. I made up for it with stuffed better today though! I think I may make a written complaint though, just to get a word in edgewise. Although it won’t likely matter.

    1. It really does, especially since we all know that it is always a gamble. How’s everything going with arranging travel and with all you both are dealing with? Your strength is truly amazing, lady. I am very excited to hear of the travels though!!

  8. Bah, the things that are and are not covered by insurance is infuriating. They’ll cover erectile disfunction, but not infertility, like WTF? So far no fights with my insurance, but what they will and won’t cover is pretty black and white, and it has a specific dollar value that it will go up to (per lifetime I might add) and then we’re cut off. There has been a lot of discussion, where I live, lately about that infertility should be covered under provincial healthcare. I think it is on the cusp of happening, but not in my TTC lifetime once it gets through the government.

    1. Right? Seriously give me a break. I hope things do change but it also pisses me off that it won’t change in time for us. Maybe I won’t be so furious once we are no longer right in the middle of this.

  9. Don’t get me started on tricare. When Chief was traditional national guard (i.e., only one weekend of military duty a month) we qualified for tricare and used the heck out of it. When they made him full time air guard we no longer qualified because he is considered a “federal employee” when he gets paid, even though he is in the air force and wears his uniform to work and does the EXACT SAME WORK as the guy next to him on title 10 orders. It’s crazy. so we now pay a boatload of money for our insurance.

    1. It makes me absolutely furious. I think I am going to take Ladylove’s advice and at least make a complaint. Because something should be said. Our husbands sacrifice so much and to be denied help to have a family is ridiculous. I hope you are feeling better and that your Grandfather is doing better!!!

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