Funny thing.  I feel like the last few cycles were just a necessary evil before hitting the pregnancy jackpot.  A few bumps in the road, but no big thang.  I feel far more optimistic and positive and just at peace. 

Today is CD 1.  I am never more thankful when the lady bits are so predictable at the beginning of a new cycle.  About a day and 1/2 off the progesterone and nature takes over.  I was able to talk to Dr. P on Thursday to rehash a game plan for cycle lucky #3 with this protocol. 

Instead of beginning letrozole on CD 3, we are opting for CD 5.  We are also adding gonal f at CD 10 to help with uterine lining.  U/s is on CD 11 or 12, ovidrel trigger, and then on to the big show.  I can’t say that I am just a tad nervous about a second type of injection.  I’ll pull on my big girl pants though.  I am excited for this round.

As for that job I have.  This last week has been ridiculous.  Boss man has been off and naturally a few of his clients had some emergencies this week.  In fact a couple of really difficult and bizarre emergencies.  One was a 2 yo sharpei who presented with bilateral hock swelling resulting in seeping of blood from it’s pads.  Naturally CBC and chem showed multi-organ involvement.  No history of toxins, change of diet, insect/rattlesnake bite, etc.  And of course placing any catheter, even a jugular catheter, was impossible.  I suspect a wicked congenital disease called Sharpei Fever.  Euthanasia was elected due to poor prognosis.  Unfortunately a second sharpei in this owner’s household (not related, is a geriatric pet) has recently developed enlarged popliteal lymph nodes and a mammary chain mass.  Another patient is a case of thrombocytopenia, although other parameters are within normal limits.  Not responding significantly to prednisolone or azathioprine in the presumptive treatment of an immune disorder.  The most recently evolved scenario is of a congestive heart failure case that is becoming decompensated and is not responding to high doses of furosemide or enalapril. 

I canNOT wait for the old man to get back.  Mostly because of these train wrecks and also because I have been on-call for 5 days straight. 

And I haven’t had a good surgical case in awhile.  At least those cases I have a fair chance of success.  I feel like I am having withdrawals. 

But this cycle is going to be THE one.  So everything else is gonna be just fine. 

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  1. Thinking good thoughts and sending prayers for this cycle. I could not do what you do. That’s pretty amazing! I hear people say that about my job in the Neonatal ICU but animals are my weakness 😦

  2. You know I’m your number one fan and I know you can do it! Maybe the little changes in this cycle will do the trick. I sure hope so! All this freakin’ effort has to pay off eventually! I hope your boss is back soon, too, ’cause you don’t need extra stress right now! Hang in there! You’ve got a whole bunch of women rooting for you 😉

    1. Thanks, doll! Boss man is back and I feel about 100% better about work. And about this cycle. I still have irrational fears, especially about what if, but I’m trying not to focus on that. Tons of love for ya, lady!!

  3. Rooting for you!! Our third attempt at IUI, coupled with a big dose of Letrozole and Gonal-F, finally gave us our rainbow baby. I was terrified of having more shots, but am so glad we did it. Best of luck!!!!

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