Verdict for IUI 3

Nada, folks. So… There’s that. And boy, oh boy am I just sad. Not crazy, weeping and gnashing of teeth sad, but weary sad. Best part was waiting for those silly results while there was THREE newborns sitting next to me and hearing one lady talk about her 3 daughters and one set of triplets… Naturally she was wearing ghetto pj bottoms and dirty slippers. Did I mention it was noon?

I wish I could understand where I could make just a tweak so one of these would work out. For Pete’s sake.

In the meantime, operation IUI 4 is in the works. Same protocol. It would be the last one with this protocol. Please make it be the last one. Cause I am sad and kinda doubting if my lady bits can even do what they should maybe be made to do.

What a crappy let down.


38 thoughts on “Verdict for IUI 3”

  1. Ugh, that just sucks, was hoping it would be the one for you. My lady bits failed at all things IUI but I’ve seen plenty of ladies on here with success at IUI 4, 5 or 6. Here’s hoping that 4 is the magic number.

  2. Boo, that’s sucky 😦 I hear you on the weariness. You don’t have the energy for the dramatics, and it’s almost not a surprise anymore, even though you hope with all hope. Hugs.

      1. It’s a defense mechanism. What can you do? 2nd interview is Tuesday! And then if he makes it past that, who knows when the next will be?! It’s like being in a TWW of an indeterminate time :p

  3. I’m on to IUI #4 as well (technically 5 but that was a back to back). The 3rd one sucked the most for me, so I totally understand. Keep your head up and mind open. Maybe you need to shake it up and try new protocol this round?

  4. This is not what I wanted to read 😦 I am so so so sorry that this IUI didn’t work out…why does it have to be so difficult? What can I say? I wish I could make this all work for you and make you pregnant! I’m sending you many hugs and all you can do is march on. Give yourself a few days of being sad and then try and focus on your protocol. I know it’s easier said than done. I’m so sorry!

    1. I am so over this process!! I am a little worried these don’t work… Or won’t work for us. I am hopeful for this next one but am terrified about what we might have to do if it doesn’t. Cause there really isn’t a lot clinically inappropriate in either of us! So one should work, for Pete’s sake! How are you feeling?

      1. I’m doing fairly ok. Still got the nausea and the occasional heartburn and headaches. In about a week’s time I’ll have the dreaded down-syndrome and other syndromes test done. I hope this baby is “normal”. It would literally break my heart if we’ve gotten this far and then something would be wrong with the baby. It’s nerve-wrecking. First you worry about getting pregnant forever and then you worry about keeping it…you’ll see…you’ll be in the same boat as me soon. There’s nothing physically wrong with you so it’s just a matter of time that it’ll happen for you, too! You are always in my thoughts!

      1. We finally came out of our funk, and are looking forward to moving on to IVF this spring. We are on a mandatory break so just working on fitness etc for the next few months getting ready. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

  5. I’m dumbfounded. I was truly convinced that this was “it” for you (like, I was SURE). I know how frustrating it is to be moving on to IUI #4 (literally, because I’ll be doing IUI #4 sometime next week). I’m totally bummed for you, but still very hopeful for the next cycle. *big squeeze* XO

    1. Dude, I KNOW! I was pretty sure it was a go, but thanks girly parts for being such tricky a holes. I am so excited for your IUI! Maybe 4 is a good number for both of us…. I know it is a good number when involved with number of servings or wine πŸ˜‰

      1. Hey girl. Not bad here. Just haven’t had the time to write a blog post. Will do tomorrow. Thanks so much for your prayers! Really appreciate it.

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