Born to teach

This is 2 posts in one day, after a weird hiatus of sporadic posts.  But I had to say that I love working with the younger generation.  I love their passion and energy.  I love being on a campus and seeing the beehive activity.  I love working with new veterinarians and those who were in classes below mine.  I absolutely love it. 

So, beyond starting a family, and beyond doing everything surgical that I can possibly get my hands on, I have a goal to teach.  I would love to work either at a private undergrad or even possibly in the clinics of a veterinary teaching school.  This is hands down one of the most persistent and continuing goals I have ever had.  I just happened upon a blog of a hopeful pre-vet student and couldn’t help but be thrilled to have found the blog!  How exciting that time of life is! 

Anyways, I just was moved and excited and being all crazy in the hormones! 


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