What it feels like to be a hormonal, pimply teenager…at the age of 32

Yesterday one of the duplexes in base housing burnt to the ground.  Luckily no person was hurt although some pets did lose their lives.  Apparently the fire began in the garages of one house when the people were gone, then rapidly spread through the duplex, and was unable to be contained in any measure.  Luckily none of the surrounding houses were affected.  This just breaks my heart.  Could you imagine losing everything that you own, at a base far from home and family, and then to know your pets suffered and died because of it?  So devastating.

I feel like this puts things in a bit more perspective.  Things could always be worse.  They could always get worse.  And right now, sure we don’t have a child, but we do have so much more to be thankful for.

I am thankful for so much.  I also feel like I have reentered that teeny bopper hormonal roller coaster.  I have developed a bizarre case of acne, not crazy, but more than I was expecting.  I am also extremely touchy emotionally and have had the urge to encourage all and out brawls with the Hub.  Yesterday it was about taxes.  Speaking of which, we have paid a ridiculous sum in taxes and related fees and will only just break even.  That makes me so angry.  Not only do I owe a significant sum for student loans, I would also love to use some of cash to fund our treatments…just saying.

I was not this affected by those progesterone suppositories/ovidrel/letrozole last time around, but I also gradually had more side-effects with clomid so I guess it’s not that shocking.  I am definitely remembering why I hated puberty so much.  Cause, whoa.  I am always surprised that any of us managed to escape our teens at all.  Men truly have no idea what they are missing.  Lucky punks.

At least Miss Layla is enjoying her life in the sun =)  Such a pretty girl.


13 thoughts on “What it feels like to be a hormonal, pimply teenager…at the age of 32”

  1. My husband and I are always reminding ourselves that amidst it all we have each other and our health.. It could be so much worse. Sometimes it makes it a bit easier to face IF with a different perspective. I’m glad no one was hurt in the fire, but my heart goes out to them for the loss of their pets – I know it would kill me to lose my dog. Oh and ditto on the puberty acne .. I’d forgotten how annoying it is. Nothing like having a pizza face and going into a meeting lol.

    1. Worst thing ever. “Hi, my name is Dr. B and yes I am old enough to see your pet.” Way fun 😉 That fire is truly awful, I feel so much for the families!! And you are absolutely right, I would be beyond devastated to lose our 4-leggers. I am really anxiously waiting on the report for the cause of the fire…just in case there is something structurally wrong with base housing.

    1. Thanks… you should see her bounce. She is always so happy with life and snuggling and everything. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t try to take a page or two from her book 😉

  2. Funny enough with all the hormone wars going on inside of me my skin has been nearly perfect and usually it’s the opposite for me…so who knows what’s going on in your body 😉

  3. Also hate taxes. 😦 Those ”it could always be worse” scenarios keep coming up a lot for me lately too. The best thing we can do is be grateful for what we do have. There are many things we have even if babies aren’t one of them.

  4. Miss Layla is such a pretty girl! I broke out too. As if it’s not bad enough that we have to go through all of this, but to break out on top of it all, just seems mean. Hang in there girl. I have a feeling good things are coming your way!

  5. I’m in your boat. First round of clomid I was fine, second I had mild acne and hot flashes, this round I’m a acne laden emotional roller coaster in a heat wave! Not fun. I’m sorry your feeling the same.

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