No good, very bad week… and dpIUI

I bloody HATED this week.  Every patient was a shitty medicine case and plenty of them decided to high five Jesus.  Let me give you a run-down: my anesthetic death case, an unvaccinated puppy who likely passed from distemper, a feline with megacolon that is completely uncontrolled, an acute renal failure dog…and an older client who decided to unload a can of whoop-ass on the phone.  Now mind you that client did not realize that she was talking to one of the doctors, but became irate when I did not immediately find her in our computer system and stated that she was one of the Boss Man’s oldest clients so we would always make time for her.  I sure as hell will NOT.  Her attitude was rude and inconsiderate as well as extremely condescending.  If she treats any of our assistants like that I will not see her or her pets.  I was so angry I almost lost my cool on the phone and informed her exactly as to who she was talking to.  Fortunately I was able to control my German rage and move on with the day. 

Then yesterday, at 7dpIUI the cramps began.  Nothing crazy, but definitely AF like cramps.  I am already figuring out my schedule for IUI #4 .  I know it’s early, I know that it might be okay.  But, honestly, let’s be realistic.  The cramps have continued through today and my response was to eat all of the pickles I could find.  All of them.  I am working out and getting that schedule set in stone, so that is a positive.  Can’t say I really enjoy being super sore again.  Not quite as fun as when I was youthful and training for track.  It has made me sleep wonderfully though and I just feel better.

I just don’t know what to say. Maybe the cramps are really not a bad thing.  I do generally have those cramps about a couple days before the wicked witch shows up, meaning these ones are a bit early.  But, SERIOUSLY.  I find that have another BFN would be a great way to end one of the worst professional weeks I have had in quite some time.  I really just want to mark a stick with some urine. 


30 thoughts on “No good, very bad week… and dpIUI”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your week!! It sounds pretty epic. Also sorry to hear about the cramps, but you & I both know it really doesn’t help to analyze every little thing…..cramping could go either way. Hang in there girl, only a few more days until you know for sure. Thinking of you! For whatever reason I just feel so much more at peace this time around…..although my work week wasn’t even an ounce as bad as yours sounded. I know it makes everything harder. Praying for peace for you!

    1. It was absolutely an epic, gross, awful week. And you are so right, I just assume anything that feels like AF is for sure AF. I am so glad that you are in a great place now! And I hope the next few days goes by super, duper fast!

      1. Thanks girlie!!! It’s probably the only good pic that I have that is recent…winter caused a few extra pounds and it always shows up in my face! LOL! This pic was taken during the summer 🙂 I LOVE SUMMER!

      2. Oh, me too! Maybe not here were it’s so dry and ridiculously hot, but I love North Idaho and Florida and Iowa summers for sure! I love the camping and lightning bugs and bbq and the gorgeous nights!

  2. Oh man, I know exactly the kind of client/customer you’re talking about and you deserve some props for not losing your temper. I am so sorry about your terrible week, but am hoping it turns around really quick and this next week is your best!

      1. Hey chica… Doing just okee dokee, except for waiting forever for this blood draw nonsense. If only a glass of wine were kosher right now! I love the bridal party stuff!!!

  3. I didn’t know you had a German background. I’m a pure bred German to put it in more animal terms…lol. You know your 7dpIUI cramping is not bad at all. As far as I remember I had that, too, and thought I was out for that round…but as you know I wasn’t. So, I’m being cautiously optimistic for your since you get to be in the doubting mood 😉 Hang in there and snuggle with your hubby to get some relaxing feel good hormones 🙂 Non-doctors orders…hehe.

    1. I am! And I have a German temper to go with it. I have controlled it as I get older though (which is a good thing for the Hubs!). How are you feeling, lady? Hopefully less nauseous!!

      1. I’m still dealing with the all day nausea and have added heartburn to it now. Arghh…I know I shouldn’t be complaining about it, but you just don’t get prepared for this kind of stuff. For years I’ve learned all about ovulation and all that stuff and never ventured into the pregnancy stuff. I’m hoping that I will at least lose the nausea in the 2nd trimester. Other than that I’m fine 😉

      2. Ah doll, don’t worry about the complaining…cause it’s hard even if you worked your German rear off to get here! I bet things will even out next trimester, it often does. I am so glad you are doing great otherwise though! =) Maybe someday I will complain with you! Even if not this cycle. Those damn cramps have me super sad face but I am also way more emotional and pimply this time around. Heart ya, lady!!

      3. I can’t wait ’til the nausea hits you!!! Don’t read into your symptoms too much…it’s not over ’til you had your Beta done…I’m so hoping for you that it’ll work soon! Hang in there 😉

  4. I’m sorry about your rough week. That sucks. Keep your head up about your cramps though! It may be a good thing. Unfortunately early pg signs and period signs are super similar. So you can’t really tell one way or the other. Good luck!

  5. That week sounds so sucky, I am sorry 😦 I am hoping the early timing is a good sign. But I am the same way – better to plan ahead for the next step and be pleasantly surprised – here is hoping to you being pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    1. I always feel like that is the best way to move forward. Be realistic, plan ahead, and change those plans if something awesome happens. And this next week better be way better because there is not enough chocolate in the world!

  6. Ugh! I’m sorry hon. I hope next week is better and fingers crossed for you for a BFP! Cramping at 7dpo could be a good sign…

    1. I do hope so, but I am trying to just step back and plan ahead. If I don’t need those plans, then that is awesome. And next week better be bloody awesome otherwise the Hubs is going to need to buy more chocolate! Hey, I am thinking of you….I know you’ve had a dumpy few days and that sucks a bunch. Hugs, girl!

      1. I really hope next week is awesome and you don’t need that chocolate. I’ll have it for you 🙂 Thanks hon. Many hugs back!

  7. Ugh your week sounds so hideous. I am in awe of your ability and compassion to work with animals. Somehow I can deal with human hospitals and illness but I turn into a blubbering mess if I hear a story or even think about my own dog being in any kind of pain. That and awful owners that do things like not even vaccinate – I wish death on those people. Anyway, rant over, hoping that next week is a million times better and that the cramps are a sign of goodness :).

    1. Maybe they will be? I seriously don’t know, but I for sure don’t want to get my hopes up. And vaccinations, or rather lack of, makes me so mad. We are seeing more and more of it in children and seeing huge outbreaks of measles, whooping cough, and etc. That makes me even more angry.

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